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Episode #15: Women Supporting Women + Inner Confidence with Kara Harms from Whimsy Soul

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Women Supporting Women and Inner Confidence By lifestyle blogger What The Fab

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#15: In this episode, we’re chatting with Kara Harms all about women supporting women, finding inner confidence, and trusting your gut. Kara Harms is the founder behind Whimsy Soul, a lifestyle blog all about helping women find their everyday magic. She’s a business-savvy hustler, and one of my blogger besties. Kara has taught me so much and been one of my biggest cheerleaders when it comes to growing my business. I’m super excited for you all to listen to this episode, where we talk all about:

— How to find community and truly celebrate each other’s wins

— Knowing your worth and aligning your work with your values 

Collaborating and uplifting women through her actions (not just lip-service), rather than viewing them as competition

Strengthening your inner confidence

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Women Supporting Women and Inner Confidence By lifestyle blogger What The Fab

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Episode Transcription:

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