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Vegan Handbags: The Faux-bulous Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed

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While I’m a huge fan of leather handbags, I’ve recently been eyeing vegan handbags. They’re just as stylish as regular leather handbags but they’re vegan—could it be any better?

I’ve been eyeing them because I’ve seen them getting trendy lately with brands such as Telfar. As they rise in popularity, I’m ending up wanting one too!

There are several brands that have vegan leather handbags which makes it so hard to narrow down my choices. From high end to low, I found a couple of favorites.

It’s important to note that just because it’s faux leather, it doesn’t make it any less durable. While they still give the same usage, they’re also sustainable—who doesn’t want that?

Are you needing a new daily handbag or simply wanting to add a new purse to your wardrobe? Stay tuned for my seven vegan handbag picks!

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7 Vegan Handbags to Add to Your Collection

The best vegan handbags, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Telfar

1. Telfar

If you’ve been seeing these gorgeous totes with a TC emblem on them, that’s the work of amazing Telfar Clemens. Telfar is a black-owned business that started back in 2005 and since then has been creating high-quality totes!

They come in three sizes but with a large variety of colors. They have it all, from your classic black to a fun yellow, to eye-catching greens, and sooo much more.

However, there’s one thing you need to know about this vegan handbag—it’s the Birkin of the current fashion space.

The Telfar shopping bag isn’t the type of bag you can purchase at any time. Well, technically you can but it’s sold at a resale price just like the iconic Birkin.

Telfar frequently offers bag security programs where you can purchase as many as you’d like and they ship it between specified dates—isn’t that amazing?! They do have occasional drops but those tend to sell out very quickly.

Are you going to be on the lookout for the new Birkin? I know I am.

Vegan Handbags, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Stella McCartney

2. Frayme Small Flap Shoulder Bag

This Stella McCartney in the color Blush is a bag that I’ve been dreaming about owning for a while now. The quality of the bag is amazing—I literally couldn’t tell if the leather was vegan or real leather.

This bag is the perfect bag that looks gorgeous year-round. The Blush color is enough to bring some color into an outfit while also being a sleek minimal accessory. Blush is the new nude, IMO.

The chunky chain on this bag is everything. I love that the accents on the purses no matter the color are gold—it’s gorgeous.

On the topic of colors, they have a lovely mix of colors on the neutral side. With Blush being my number one, the purse in the color Brick is a close second.

This bag is definitely an investment but Stella McCartney’s quality? It’s like no other.

Vegan Handbags, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via JW PEI

3. Gabbi Ruched Hobo Handbag

If you’re looking for a vegan leather hobo bag, this is THE one. This purse comes in soo many fun colors that it’s hard just choosing one. 

This has to be one of my favorites because of its practicality. It’s fairly small but it can fit a lot inside. 

The purse itself is made of vegan leather and recycled plastic—we love sustainability!

I came across this purse because Megan Fox was seen with it about a year ago. It looked so good with her outfit—I’ve wanted it ever since.

Vegan Handbags by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Nordstrom

4. We Are Chic Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag

I immediately fell in love with this purse once I came across it. Are you seeing this vibrant orange?

This would be a perfect summer bag that gives your outfit a pop of color. The magnetic closing has to be my favorite thing about this purse.

I love being able to just grab and close something in my purse without worrying about zippers. This bag is also surprisingly spacious making it easy to carry around your essentials. 

I love that the quality of this purse is so good and it’s priced super reasonably. Under $100 and good quality—it’s a must-have.

Vegan Handbags, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Dr. Martens

5. Vegan Crossbody Bag

We all know Dr. Marten has the combat boots we love but did you know they also sold bags? They sell this gorgeous red vegan crossbody bag!

I’ve actually seen this purse in the store and was amazed at the quality. It seems super durable just like their boots. 

The rest of their bags are made of leather and are also gorgeous—I want them all. Have y’all seen the heart-shaped purse they have?

I’m absolutely in love with the color. It’s a purse that would be everything during the colder season.

Vegan Handbags, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Macy’s

6. Tippi Tote

Some of us are always on the go and need a good tote to be by our side. I find myself being more of a tote bag person—maybe I’ll treat myself to a vegan tote.

This Tippi Tote is one of the ones that caught my eye. It looks super spacious and the little tassel gives it a “sassy” touch. 

The green and tan colors are calling my name. The tote just looks so practical and spacious!

I know I said I’m not too fond of zippers but I am with this one. Most of the totes I’ve had don’t come with a zipper so it’s a plus for this one.

Vegan Handbags, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via von Holzhausen

7. The Small Shopper

I had to save one of the best for last, this small shopper by von Holzhausen is easily on the top of my wishlist. The brand itself has soo many vegan handbags to choose from, you’ll definitely find your new bag here.

The small size of the shopper is the one I’m gravitated toward but they have more sizes as well! The black vegan leather looks gorgeous.

One of my favorite things about this purse is the fact that the material is resistant to literally everything. It’s scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and stain-resistant—how awesome is that?

This bag is also more on the pricier side but it’s worth every penny!

Have I convinced you to begin eyeing your new handbag for the year? Vegan handbags are absolutely everything, your collection is definitely missing out if you don’t have one yet!

Let me know which one you have your eye on and tag me on Insta @wtfab if you end up purchasing one!

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What are vegan handbags made out of?

Vegan leather most of the time is made out of polyurethane! However, there’s a variety of materials it can be made out of such as recycled plastic and even pineapple leaves!

Are vegan handbags worth it?

Absolutely! The material at times ends up being more high-quality and durable. They’re not only good for the planet but good in terms of looks!

Does vegan leather end up cracking like actual leather does?

This only tends to occur after owning the item for a long time. To prevent this from happening, you can actually use a leather conditioner for it!

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