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Best 6 Underarm Whitening Products

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Best underarm whitening products, by Blogger What the Fab

Underarm whitening products are a total lifesaver in the summer. It’s been ridiculously hot these days, and there’s no better time to wear cute crop tops and tees to beat the heat.

However, this can be pretty daunting if you’re self-conscious about having dark underarms. But this is perfectly natural, and it happens!

Dark underarms can be caused by natural reasons such as genetic or environmental conditions. Most of the causes include hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, improper shaving habits, or using products with irritants. 

Since the skin on our underarms is thin, using harsh deodorants or exfoliators irritates it, leading to thicker, darker skin.

But I won’t gatekeep the good stuff. Underarm whitening products are a super affordable and more comfortable option than laser treatments.

These products are amazing at gently exfoliating the skin and reducing the appearance of dark pigmentation. The results can take a few weeks to show, so let’s get to it.

Here are some of the best underarm whitening products out there!

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6 Best Underarm Whitening Products 

Best underarm whitening products, by Blogger What the Fab
Image via Macy’s

1. The Original Underarm Brightening Deodorant Cream  

Forgotten Skincare is a brand that is committed to using clean ingredients with zero harsh chemicals. And they’re woman-owned, so they know the struggle.

Their deodorant removes body odor and the appearance of hyperpigmentation while being safe for sensitive skin types. There’s no artificial fragrance either, so if you’re not a fan of scented deodorant, this one’s for you.

The Original deodorant contains vitamin C and bearberry extract to brighten skin by inhibiting melanin production. And to be mindful of any shaving nicks, they use jojoba oil and aloe to ensure a soothing effect.

The uva ursi then gets rid of uneven pigmentation by minimizing pores while also having anti-inflammatory properties. This prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs, which is a major contributor to dark underarms.

And to remove any odor, the formula contains salicylic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells. Since it speeds up cell turnover, all the built-up gunk can be washed off in the shower.

The deodorant is made with renewable energy and is both vegan and cruelty-free. That means that there are no silicons, paragons, sulfate, or other irritants in their formula—which would worsen hyperpigmentation.

Best underarm whitening products, by Blogger What the Fab
Image via Megababe

2. Megababe Happy Pits Underarm Mask  

If you’re not looking for deodorants, Megababe’s detoxifying mask might be more your speed. This product was awarded “Best Products of Feb 2020” by Byrdie and even featured in Vogue, Allure, Glamor, and more.

The mask needs to stay on for only 5 minutes, so it’s a quick and easy addition to any routine. 

And, of course, this brand is also vegan and cruelty-free. There’s no aluminum, talc, parabens, phthalates, or sulfates that could block your sweat glands or worse. 

Megababe uses activated charcoal and kaolin clay to eliminate odors. Afterward, the ingredients exfoliate your skin, draw out clogged oil, and make your pores look smaller.

Like The Original deodorant, Megababe uses vitamin C for a brightening effect. The difference is that Megababe’s formula contains willow bark and glycolic acid to get rid of dead skin cells and reduce underarm bumps. 

To make the application process smooth, this product uses tee tree oil to soothe any inflammation or irritation. 

Best underarm whitening products, by Blogger What the Fab
Image via Amazon

3. Ceavo Natural Whitening Cream

I can’t say I’m a big fan of products that have super thick consistency since it feels like it’s blocking my pores. 

Thankfully, Ceavo Natural’s underarm whitening creams have a thin texture that absorbs quickly into the skin. It also doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue, which is always a sensory nightmare. 

They use vitamins C and E to brighten your skin while also protecting it against UV-related irritation like swelling. With hyaluronic and salicylic acid in their formula, Ceavo accelerates skin cell turnover to lighten dark spots.   

But what I love the most about their ingredients is their use of olive fruit oil, retinol, and shea butter. 

Since Ceavo uses a lot of acids to shed dead skin cells, it can cause dried and irritated skin. By using olive fruit oil, shea butter, and retinol, they rehydrate your skin so it stays supple and moisturized. 

And as what should be industry-standard: they are vegan, animal cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

Best underarm whitening products, by Blogger What the Fab
Image via Amazon

4. PFB Vanish Ultra  

PFB Vanish has a similar approach to the other products for removing dark spots. Their triple action promises to tackle ingrown hair and razor bumps and, in the process, lighten your skin. 

As for their ingredients, PFB Vanish uses shiitake mushrooms which do a lot of heavy lifting for their formula. It’s also anti-inflammatory, boosts skin renewal, and is packed with vitamin D. 

The white water lily flower hydrates your skin while its plankton extract firms up the strength of the skin barrier. As a result, the lightening effect is a gradual and gentle process.

Image via Topicals

5. Topicals Ingrown Tonic

This product is a winner of Allure’s 2022 Best of Beauty Body Award, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Here, the key ingredients are glycolic and salicylic acid, niacinamide, and zinc PCA. As usual, the glycolic acid exfoliates the skin, while the salicylic acid decongests the pores. 

Their niacinamide makes your skin look smoother and brighter while providing extra protection. Then the zinc PCA seals everything in by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent that will reduce any redness or excess oil. 

These key ingredients all work together to prevent pesky ingrown hairs from darkening your underarms. If you struggle with the stubborn nubs of ingrown hair after a shave, this product will make your life easier!

Image via Amazon

6. AsaBright Dark Spot Cream  

This AsaBright cream has familiar and reliable ingredients like niacinamide for brightening and seed oil for hydration.

One of the ingredients that stood out the most to me was their chrysanthemum indium extract which has an anti-redness effect. When this is paired with the cooling properties of the aloe vera extract, the soothing effects are doubled.

But AsaBright’s formula shines the most with its additional hydrolyzed collagen. This antioxidant has anti-aging properties that safely combine with other ingredients to hydrate the skin.

Give one of these 5-star products a try and kiss dark underarms goodbye!

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How can I lighten my armpits? 

The best way to lighten your underarms is by exfoliating, wearing deodorants with little to no harsh chemicals, and waxing. 

Do underarm whiteners really work?

Yes, these products contain ingredients that either exfoliate ingrown hairs, reduce pores, or inhibit melanin production. 

How long do I have to wait for the results?

Most of the products take a few weeks to start showing results, and a little always goes a long way. The time may vary for different skin tones.

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