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8 Things to Do in Tokyo with Kids for the Best Time

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Things to do in Tokyo with kids, by travel blogger What The Fab

Traveling to Tokyo with kids is a whole lot of fun. Yes, it might not be at the top of the easy family travel list, but you would be surprised to know that there are a lot of things to do in Tokyo with kids.

The Japanese capital is surprisingly family friendly and kid friendly. With a wide range of kid-friendly activities—from cute themed cafes to incredible museums and, of course, Tokyo Disneyland—there’s always something to keep everyone entertained. Don’t let long flights deter you from visiting Japan with
younger kids. There are great plane activities for toddlers to keep them entertained.

It might seem like Tokyo is going to be a big, busy city that is better suited for older kids, but with a choice of family hotels, kids menus in restaurants, and even a kids Japan rail pass, Tokyo travel has literally never been easier.

If you’re wondering what hotels to consider, I highly recommend checking out the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo or the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto. I love the Four Seasons hotels because they’re so clean, comfortable, and luxurious.

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So, here’s my round-up of the best things to do in Tokyo with kids, with activities perfect for two-year-old toddlers all the way to teens!

Things to do in Tokyo with Kids

Kawaii Monster Cafe

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If your kids are into all things cute and Japanese, then you should totally go to the Kawaii Monster Cafe.

“Kawaii” means “cute” in Japanese, and this place is just that! A world of rainbow colors, quirky designs, and over-the-top interiors, this is a cafe that has to be seen to be believed.

Located in the pop-culture neighborhood of Harajuku, this cafe offers a fun time to everyone that walks through its door and into a technicolor world of cute.

There are even regular performances in the evening, but if you’re with kids in Tokyo, a good time to go is for a fun lunch or a sweet treat in the afternoon.

Legoland Discovery Center

From the moment you and your family touch down at Narita Airport (or Haneda), chances are you will be racking your brain for things to do in Tokyo with kids. The good news is, Tokyo sights aren’t all about the Tsukiji fish market and temples.

One of the best things? Legoland Discovery Center. Kids love Legos, right?!

You won’t need to catch the bullet train for this Tokyo attraction. All you have to do is rock up to DECKS Tokyo Beach in Odaiba—specifically, Odaiba-kaihinkōen Station on the Yurikamome Line—and you’ll practically be there already.

Then it’s time for all the fun you can have here with your kids. I’m talking 4D cinema experience, huge play area, and, obviously, tons of Legos to play with!

Tokyo Joyopolis, another Tokyo theme park, is right next door, too! Or if you can also get tickets to check out Universal Studios Japan.

Tokyo National Museum

A top place to visit in Tokyo, the National Museum offers an interesting insight into Japanese history and culture.

Located in the city’s Ueno Park and close to lots of the city’s hotels, the museum is an easy thing to do with kids in Tokyo…especially on a rainy day! Or you can make a stop at Ueno Zoo to see some animals.

Impressively, the museum is one of the largest of its kind in the world and thought to be the oldest in Japan.

Inside, the various displays are manageable enough for kids to understand, and there’s a ton of English signage, too—which is always helpful!

Metropolitan Government Building

One of the best ways to wow your kids when you’re in Tokyo is to take them to see a fantastic view of the sprawling metropolis itself.

And where better to do that than the Metropolitan Government Buildings? The tallest building in Tokyo up until 2007, these two towers—North and South—offer visitors the chance to get views from 202 meters above the ground… for FREE!

There’s nothing quite like getting the elevator up to the 45th floor to the observation decks of either the North or South Tower and standing in awe of the endless buildings of Tokyo.

Within an easy 15 minute walk from Shinjuku Station, this should definitely be on your itinerary if you’re in Tokyo with kids. Did I mention it was free?!

Tokyo Skytree

Things to do in Tokyo with kids, by travel blogger What The Fab

Tokyo has no end of kid-friendly things to do, and there’s also no end of viewing towers.

Aside from the Metropolitan Government Building and Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Skytree offers up some of the most immense views of any city I have ever seen!

Designed to seem pretty much like a ride at an amusement park, riding the lift all the way to the top observation deck is all part of the fun.

There are also cute displays, games, and stamp-collecting challenges for kids to get involved with while they’re here. It’s a great place to visit with even more impressive views!

Ghibli Museum

If your children are Studio Ghibli fans—let’s face it, even if they’re not—they are going to absolutely adore the wonderland that is the Ghibli Museum.

Located just a half-hour train ride from Tokyo Station, getting off at Kichijōji Station and then taking the bus, the museum (true to its name) celebrates all things Studio Ghibli.

You’ll get to enjoy strolling around the charming gardens, see the Catbus IRL, and catch sight of Totoro himself! What a cool place to visit with kids in Tokyo. Well, actually you don’t even have to be a kid—I absolutely love it here.

Tokyo Disney

Things to do in Tokyo with kids, by travel blogger What The Fab

Tokyo Disney was actually the first Disney theme park to be opened up outside of the States…and in true Japanese style—it is impressive.

Yes, it might not be the oldest amusement park in Tokyo (that’s Asakusa Hanayashiki, BTW) but it really is the best.

Unless you’re staying in one of the nearby hotels, a day at Tokyo Disney is more like taking a day trip out of the city, but definitely don’t let that put you off.

This is the perfect day out for everyone. From toddlers to big kids, Tokyo Disney really does not disappoint. It is a must-visit. It can be a lot of walking for young kids, so you might consider bringing a toddler carrier for when you’re there.

Saitama Railway Museum

Taking day trips from Tokyo is a good idea if you are in the city with children. It’s cool and all, but this huge place can definitely get a little overwhelming for families to navigate the whole time.

So, how about taking a trip out of town to see a super cool museum dedicated to trains? What kid wouldn’t love that?

In fact…I’d say it’s perfect for kids of all ages. There’s tons of stuff to do here, from admiring 100-year-old engines and newer trains in the exhibition area to checking out the bullet train simulator, this is a day out that’s perfect for children and adults alike.

Take the Takasaki Line from Tokyo Station for half an hour to Omiya, then change there and ride the “New Shuttle” to Tetsudō-Hakubutsukan Statio. The railway museum is right next door. It’s a breeze!

Tokyo with kids is amazing. It’s a genuinely family-friendly city and all you need is a few days to explore.

Kids in Japan play out in the parks freely, walk themselves to school, and even ride on the metro themselves! Crazy.

With all of these super fun things to do in Tokyo with kids, it’s time to start planning your next family travel adventure together.

Get ready to discover all that is weird and wonderful about Tokyo; it really is an unforgettable city. Tell me what you get up to and tag me (@wtfab) in your Insta stories!

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What is there to do in Tokyo with kids?

Kawaii Monster Cafe, Tokyo Disney, Legoland, Tokyo Skytree, and the Ghibli Museum are all great things to do in Tokyo with kids.

Is Tokyo child-friendly?

Tokyo is not the most kid-friendly place—it’s a bustling metropolis that can be jam-packed with people. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not doable with kids—you just have to plan ahead and know you might not be able to easily access some areas.

Do I need a car seat in Japan?

By law, children under six are required to use child seats, however, taxis are exempt and do not have child seats. Taking the subway is likely an easier and safer bet if you have a small child and a stroller

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