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Tailwind Referral Link

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If you’re a blogger, or you have any type of website, and you want to drive traffic to it through Pinterest, you need Tailwind. It’s a social media scheduling tool that gets real results in less time. I use it to schedule all my pins and you can sit down, take 30 minutes and schedule your pins for the week, and Tailwind will automatically push them live throughout the week at the optimum times when your followers are the most active.

The other thing that’s amazing about Tailwind is the community feature through Tribes. You share your pins in other like-minded Tribes or groups, and you all repin each other’s pins, giving everyone’s content a boost. It’s the epitome of rising tides raise all ships.

I’ve seen my website traffic from Pinterest go from a few thousand visitors a month to tens of thousands of hits, just from Pinterest, and this really began to climb when I started using Tailwind

You can also use it to schedule your Instagram posts. Again, I am all about time batching for max efficiency so you can sit down, take an hour and schedule all your Instagram posts and Tailwind will automatically push it live for you, you don’t have to do anything beyond that. 

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