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best sushi in maui, by travel blogger What The Fab

Best Sushi in Maui

Maui has some of my favorite sushi, being an island in the middle of the Pacific and all. So, if you’re a sushi lover like me you’ll love this guide I put together of the best sushi in Maui! One time a friend told me she didn’t think the food in Maui was that good, …

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Best Beaches in Maui

As the weather gets warmer there’s no better place to travel to than Maui, which is why I’m putting together a guide to my favorite and in my opinion the best beaches in Maui. Be sure to take note of any travel restrictions while exploring these beaches. I love Maui so much and it’s definitely …

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Where to Stay on Maui

If Hawaii is the ultimate in Pacific island destinations, then Maui is the best of the best. Maui is THE place to go if you want to get away from it all, and it’s definitely my happy place. One of the most common questions I receive about this island is where to stay on Maui. …

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