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10 Homemade Summer Jam Recipes

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Summer jam recipes, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Summer is almost here! That means easy recipes, picnic lunches + dinners, and having fun with summer fruits and vegetables in the form of summer jams.

I can’t wait to start hitting up farmer’s markets and taking advantage of all of the fresh produce. In addition to making summer jams I really want to try making ice cream and sorbets this year! Think strawberry, peach, etc. Mmm…

I got Omied a canning kit years ago and he got into pickling and jamming. And it’s the best. It was like a gift to myself because his pickled jalapeños and jalapeño jam is to die for. Can you tell we like jalapeños?? ?

I wanted to share some delicious summer jam recipes that would be perfect for that outdoor picnic you’ve been wanting to have. From traditional strawberry to savory tomato, I’ve got you covered! Which one will be your favorite?

10 Homemade Summer Jam Recipes

Freezer No-Cook Raspberry

Let’s start simple with this classic raspberry jam that requires no cooking! Even my girls who can’t cook can make this. You can probably make this jam without even heading to the store!

Summer jam recipes, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab


Another classic recipe but a bit more in-depth. I truly believe strawberry jam is a summer staple and it’s so fun to add to a picnic lunch (need inspiration? Check out my picnic lunch made easy here).

Spicy Tomato

Who’s had a savory jam before? I hadn’t heard of one until I started doing some research for fun jams and this one really stood out—I need to make it! I bet it tastes delicious with cream cheese on a bagel or even as a spread on bread/crackers.

Grapefruit and Vanilla Bean

I am amazed by this recipe, I never would’ve thought of a jam with these two flavors but it sounds (and looks) delicious! I can definitely see myself topping off a biscuit or some toast with this citrus-y, sweet + bitter jam.

Summer jam recipes, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Vanilla Peach

I learned that whiskey enhances the flavor of vanilla and they include it in this jam recipe! Apparently it’s similar to how coffee enhances the flavor of the chocolate and makes it richer. I am so intrigued!    

Chia Seed Blueberry

I love a classic blueberry jam. This one is not only heathy but only calls for three ingredients!

Cinnamon Plum

How tasty does this sound? Not only is this recipe low in sugar but it spreads perfectly and tastes of cinnamon. You can’t go wrong! I love the flavor of cinnamon and plum together.

Fig Honey

Once you make your fresh fig jam, this recipe for bruschetta looks absolutely divine and would be a perfect appetizer for an outdoor party! This recipe doesn’t require any canning supplies, so you know it’ll be easy.

Summer jam recipes, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab


I found such an abundance of apricot-flavored desserts and treats when searching for a simple, delicious apricot jam! This recipe goes through the canning details so you won’t miss a thing or feel unsure of what you’re doing.

Cherry Almond Chia

Only four ingredients in this entire jam recipe! You can use this jam on everything and I love the addition of chia seeds. No canning required, too!

I’m legit drooling clicking through all these summer jam recipes! I think I want to try a savory one first like the tomato jam, but the cinnamon plum is definitely next on my list.

Looking for more recipes? Check out my food section!

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