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Episode #16: #StopAsianHate: A Conversation on Violence, Race, and Identity

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16: In today’s episode, I’m joined by three close friends and family members, all Asian-American women. We have a very open and raw conversation about the increase in violence against Asian-Americans during this pandemic, our experiences with racism, and our own identities. In this vulnerable and at times painful discussion, we touch on: 

– How racism has shaped our own identities, and the untangling of a lifetime of microaggressions and feeling othered 

– How you can show up for your Asian friends right now (as well as what not to do)

– The fetishization of Asian women in terms of historical context and our own experiences that have been bizarre and offensive

How the “Model Minority” myth was started, how it’s linked to white supremacy, and why it’s damaging for Asian identity

– The intersectionality of gender and race for Asian-Americans

Be sure to snap a screenshot of this episode and share on your Stories so we can continue spreading awareness for the important conversations currently happening around violence against Asian-Americans. Tag me @wtfab so I can reshare and we can continue the convo in our DMs.

Stop Asian Hate Resources, by blogger What The Fab
Art by @juliakestnerdesigns. Be sure to check out her shop too!

Links to Stop Asian Hate Resources

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National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum
Asian American Advocacy Fund
Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund
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Accounts to Follow

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Michelle Kim
Terisa Siagatonu

Stop Asian Hate resources, by blogger What The Fab
Art by @Juliakestnerdesigns

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