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The Dreamiest Selkie Dress Dupes

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The dreamiest Selkie Dress Dupes, by fashion blogger What The Fab

Today I’ve rounded up the best Selkie dress dupes for living out your dress fairy tales on a budget! Whether you’re going for a princess, rainbow, floral, or cottage core vibe—Selkie dresses do it all. 

You’ve probably seen these poofy and fun dresses trending on Instagram. I love the whimsical look these dresses give, but the original Selkie dress retails for anywhere from $295 to $400 depending on the dress design and length you pick. 

Instead of spending $300 on a dress, I found the five best Selkie Dress dupes so you can live out your fairytales but on a budget. 

To make things easy for you, you can shop these products by clicking directly on the images, the shopping buttons, and of course, the text links. These are my affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission when you purchase using my links (at no additional cost to you!) and I greatly appreciate you shopping with my links!

Shop my fav Selkie Dress dupes below:

The Best 5 Selkie Dress Dupes

Selkie Dress Dupes, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Etsy

1. Summer Clouds Cottagecore Puff Sleeve Dress

The summer tye-dye rainbow dress from Etsy is a perfect dupe for the Selkie cloud dress that also retails for $295. But this cute dupe only costs $56. 

This dress is offered in two prints that are similar to the Selkie puff sleeve dresses. The first is a blue print with white whimsical clouds—this cute dress gives the appearance that you’re floating in the clouds. 

The second print is the pink option, which is more of a muted pastel look with pink, yellow, and blue tones. This dress is nearly identical to the selkie dress, making it another perfect dupe. 

You can also find more Selkie dress dupes on Etsy here!

White lantern sleeve dress with a gathered, puffy skirt and deep v neckline.
Image via Walmart

2. brilliantme Womens Lantern Sleeve Casual Dress

While this dress is not an exact replica of the Selkie puff sleeve dresses, it’s a similar style. The brilliantme Womens Lantern Sleeve Casual Dress from Walmart is a great dupe for Selkie dresses. 

From the fitted bodice to the puff sleeves to the flowy skirt and short length, this dress has all the same features as the Selkie dresses. 

Offered in white, pink, black, and brown, this dress retails for only $24, making it an affordable alternative to the Selkie dresses. 

Click below to shop the best Selkie dress dupes:

Puffy white organza dress.
Image via Walmart

3. Pybcvrrd Women Lantern Sleeve V Neck Ruffle Dress

The Pybcvrrd Women Lantern Sleeve V Neck Ruffle Dress gives the same aesthetic as the Selkie dress, with large puff sleeves and an even poofier skirt.

While the dress comes in multiple colors, my favorite is the color “multicolor,” as it’s similar to the Selkie pastel dress.

 In addition, the dress comes in multiple other colors that Selkie dresses are not offered in, providing even more options for different occasions. Plus, the dress only retails for $22.99!

4. Pink Puff Sleeve Organza Shift Dress 

This cute pink puff sleeve organza shift dress from Pretty Little Thing is another great Selkie Puff Dress dupe. 

The design of this dress and layered fabrics give this dress a dreamy shiny look, similar to the Selkie dress. Priced at $58, this dress is offered in black, chocolate, and pink. 

I think the pink color looks most like the Selkie Dress and gives a whimsical aesthetic too. It makes for an affordable alternative to the Selkie Dress. 

Check out more other Selkie-inspired dresses on PLT here.

Find the best Selkie dress dupes by clicking below:

5. White Puff Sleeve Puffball Hem Shift Dress 

I saved my favorite dupe for last. Like the Selkie dresses, this dress utilizes a puff shape to give off a whimsical fairy style. 

The dress features a v-neck cutout, puff sleeves, a fitted waist, and a puffball skirt shape. I personally think that the v-neck cutout is super cute and adds a bit of flare to the dress! 

Pretty Little Thing often has sales which can make this dress even cheaper than the $58 it retails for. It comes in four different colors, white, light green, black, and rust red. 

Check out more other Selkie-inspired dresses on PLT here.

If you shop any of these dresses, tag me on Instagram @wtfab so I can see how you style them! 

Shop my picks for the best Selkie dress dupes by clicking the images below:

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Is Selkie a luxury brand? 

Selkie is a brand that offers luxury size-inclusive collections. According to their website, their collections aim to tell a story of fantasy and female friendship. 

What are Selkie Dresses called? 

The Selkie Dresses come in many styles, such as the Puff Dress, Day Dress, and Ritz Dress. 

Do Selkie Dresses run small? 

Yes, it’s recommended that you size up when purchasing Selkie Dresses. Selkie dresses do claim to have some stretch to them, though, too. I recommend viewing a sizing chart on each specific dress before you pick a size.

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