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Passion Fruit Drink Recipe

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passion fruit drink recipe

Most people think passion fruit sounds super exotic. Like you couldn’t possibly be able to enjoy it at home, and the only way to consume it is going to a far off tropical place. But I’m about to blow your mind: most grocery stores carry it (try looking near the kiwis and mangoes), and it’s super easy to use.

Here’s a delicious and easy to make passion fruit drink recipe! This cocktail isn’t too sweet or artificially colored. It’s cold and refreshing, with a splash of sparkling rosé to make it festive, all mixed with the sweet, delicious tang of fresh passion fruit juice.

Honestly, it’s so easy I can hardly call it a recipe. But those are my favorite kind of recipes. Total time to make this cocktail? I’d say about 60 seconds.

Passion Fruit Drink Recipe

Serves: 3

4 passion fruits, which will give you about 3 tablespoons of juice

1 bottle of sparkling brut rosé (I like Mumm Napa, but pick out your fav!)

1 lime

Sugar for rim

Three champagne flutes – place in freezer to chill


Place a sieve over a bowl.

Cut passion fruit in half lengthwise and scoop out the fruit. Place the fruit in sieve.

Take a spoon and press the pulp into the sieve to collect the juice in your bowl.

Remove chilled champagne flutes from freezer and rim them with sugar.

Pour a third of the juice in each champagne flute, and top with sparkling rosé. Bubbles from the juice will form—stir with a spoon to break them up.

You can add a thin slice of lime for a pretty garnish (I love pink and green together!) and add a little squeeze of lime juice for even more tang.

Recipe Notes:

*Don’t throw away the passion fruit seeds and pulp! This stuff is so yummy and versatile. You can use it as an ice cream topping (over creamy vanilla ice cream would be fabulous), or blend it up in a smoothie. It’s even great right off a spoon.

*If you like your cocktails a little sweeter, you can make a little simple syrup (it’s incredibly easy to make—just boil one cup sugar and one cup water while stirring until sugar has dissolved) to add to this one, and add to your cocktail to taste.

Recipe by guest contributor Lindsay Kinder, of Food La La. Photography by Erica Garlieb.

passion fruit drink recipe passion fruit drink recipe passion fruit drink recipe

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