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Luxury Outdoor Furniture That You Need to Add to Your Outdoor Space

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Now that we added a hot tub to the backyard, I feel like our outdoor space is starting to come together. There are just a few more final touches we need in terms of furniture (although we do want to do a total backyard renovation and tear everything out/start fresh, but that’s a blog post for another day), which is why I thought it would be fun to share some luxury outdoor furniture I’ve been eyeing.

Finding the right outdoor furniture can make a huge difference and once you create your dream space you look forward to spending more time outside.

If you’ve been looking into adding an egg chair to your backyard, check out my Affordable Egg Chairs guide here. Or if you’ve been looking to add an outdoor patio set, you can read my Garden Bistro Set post here.

Luxury Outdoor Lounge Furniture

Outdoor sofas

Luxury Outdoor Furniture, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via West Elm

Portside Outdoor Sofa

This Portside Outdoor Sofa by West Elm is gorgeous. If you’re looking for that very beachy, modern, and luxe aesthetic this is the sofa of your dreams. 

I LOVE that the wood on this sofa is sustainably sourced making this a more eco-conscious investment. It comes in two different wood colors, driftwood and weathered grey (the driftwood shade is my personal favorite).

If you live somewhere that has seasons, you don’t need to worry since the sofa is designed to be weather resistant. However, if you’re still worried you can purchase the additional outdoor cover to keep your furniture extra protected.

You can seat 2 to 3 people very comfortably and it’s designed to have a built-in ledge to hold drinks. Host your next get-together in your backyard to show off your new and luxurious Portside sofa.

West Elm offers a flat rate shipping fee for as many furniture items as you’d like and they even offer a white-glove service that professionally assembles your furniture however you like.

Image via West Elm

Huron Outdoor Sofa

I had to include the Huron Outdoor Sofa by West Elm—can you tell I’ve been obsessed with their outdoor patio furniture collections?! They seriously make such quality outdoor furniture it’s definitely worth the investment.

If you’ve read my egg chair post, you know how much I love the rattan style. The Huron Sofa is made with a similar design but it looks more modern and luxe. 

It comes in this stunning gray and seal color to have a more neutral vibe. The frame is handwoven with weather-resistant materials. 

The frame is also rust-resistant meaning that you can keep it outdoors without any stress. You can also comfortably seat 2 to 3 people on here making this a good option if you like to have lots of people over.

I think this sofa would really look beautiful in anyone’s backyard regardless of your style. It brings a very relaxed and elevated look to your space.

Outdoor Coffee Tables

Luxury Outdoor Furniture, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via William and Sonoma

Tropea Fluted Round Coffee Table

This coffee table is so so stunning—I think I just fell in love 🤩. I’m obsessed with the fluted design since it gives off a very minimal and glam aesthetic.

It’s made of a blend of fiberglass, resin, and crushed stone that’s the perfect alternative to concrete. Since it has a matte finish, it also means that it’s weather-resistant and will be less likely to corrode.

I can already imagine this coffee table paired with either of the sofas I mentioned earlier. Since the design is so simple it really goes with anything.

It’s also very lightweight so you can easily transport it around and it’s designed for indoor/outdoor use so you can style it either way.

Image via West Elm

Outdoor Pedestal Coffee Table

This Outdoor Pedestal Coffee table is so cute! I love how small and chic it is. 

It comes in a pebble gray color and is made with a sleek surface. The pedestal design makes it feel very minimal and modern.

Crafted with durable and weather-friendly concrete, you can enjoy so many snacks and gatherings with this coffee table. 

Since it’s made with glass fiber reinforced concrete, it’s a lot lighter than regular concrete and will be easier to move around.

I would totally style this coffee table also with both of the sofas from West Elm. You can’t go wrong with a chic and luxurious coffee table.

Outdoor Chairs & Chaise Lounges

Luxury Outdoor Furniture, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via West Elm

Tulum Lounge Chair

So I think this Tulum Lounge Chair is hands down my favorite furniture piece on this list. It’s so gorgeous you can easily style it indoors or outdoors.

It has that egg chair style with handwoven rattan details. This outdoor lounge chair screams boho chic—I totally could see this chair all over Pinterest being styled in so many different homes.

I love the light bamboo finish on the rattan since it gives it a more relaxing vibe. The cushions can easily be cleaned with removable covers. 

Since this chair was designed for indoor and outdoor use, it is recommended to cover the chair when it’s not in use and you plan on leaving it outside. 

The cushions come in a neutral gray color making them easy to style and incorporate into your home. I still can’t get over this chair since you won’t have outdoor lounge chairs as gorgeous as this one.

Image via Crate and Barrel

Kinney Teak Outdoor Chaise Lounge with Cushion

Of course, I had to include a Chaise Lounge for all of you who have a pool in your backyard. I think these are the best kinds of lounge chairs to have near the pool—who doesn’t love lying down and lounging!?

I’m all heart eyes emojis over this one. Talk about luxury outdoor furniture.

I’m such a big fan of mid-century modern style furniture and this lounge chair is the definition of it. I love the linear boxy look and the reclining back is the best part.

The teak wood and cream seat cushions complement each other so well—it’s so aesthetically pleasing. However, since the teak is left unfinished it will eventually turn into a beautiful silvery grey. 

If you love the warmer natural unfinished teak shade then you can purchase their golden care teak protector separately. 

Outdoor Dining Sets

Luxury Outdoor Furniture, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Anthropologie

Concrete Indoor/Outdoor Dining Table

This is one of the most gorgeous dining tables I’ve ever seen. It’s made out of concrete but looks like wood—so cool right!?

It looks like wood because it has unique tree ring notches that were captured in the concrete. I think it looks really natural.

Since this dining table was designed for an outdoor space, it was designed to be weather-resistant. You can easily clean and maintain the table with a wet cloth wiping it down. It’s perfect for enjoying meals that you’ve prepared on your smoker grill combo!

This piece will wrap everything together in your outdoor space. I can imagine beautiful dinner parties hosted with the table and gorgeous arrangements.

The table design gives off a very industrial and mid-century modern look if that’s your aesthetic. It’s definitely on the pricier side, but so worth the investment because it’s such a quality piece that will last forever.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Pottery Barn

Abbott Indoor/Outdoor Concrete & Acacia Chunky Leg Dining Table

This Pottery Barn Indoor/Outdoor Concrete & Acacia Chunky Leg Dining Table is beautiful. This dining table is definitely on the more expensive side, but I think it’s totally worth it because it’s made with luxurious materials that will last forever.

The table comes in 2 different finishes, a brown finish and a gray finish. This dining table gives off a very rustic and industrial aesthetic.

I can see this dining table styled in both a beachside outdoor space or a farmhouse-style backyard. The styling possibilities are endless. 

I’m obsessed with the concrete tabletop over the thick wooden legs—it makes it look very durable. It’s also made out of sustainably sourced Acacia wood and high-quality concrete that is weather-resistant.

Something to note about their concrete furniture is that it changes over time and may turn a different shade. Also, if you happen to have uneven flooring, the table comes with adjustable levers to keep the table stable.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via West Elm

Slope Outdoor Dining Chairs

These Slope Outdoor Dining Chairs are so cute and fun. They come in a set of 6 perfect for hosting a get-together.

However, you can opt to get an individual chair, a set of 2, or a set of 4. I thought this chair design was fun and different from the traditional dining chair. 

These dining chairs also come in 2 different colors: natural and charcoal. I’m personally a fan of the natural color because it gives the space a brighter and airy look.

Since the chair is sloped back, it’s super comfortable to sit in all day. It’s handwoven and made with weather-resistant materials. 

I think these chairs would pair well with either dining table I recommended in this list.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via West Elm

Teak Wood + Rope Outdoor Bar Stool, Washed Brown

If you’re looking for the most adorable and chic-looking bar stools, these ones from West Elm are it. I thought it would be fun to include some outdoor bar stools in case you have a bar in your backyard instead of a dining table.

The bar stools are made with handwoven rope and sustainably sourced teak wood. These stools really give off rustic and boho vibes. 

It is recommended to cover the stools when you’re not using them since the wood may get damaged. 

I’m in love with these bar stools that I may even consider getting these for my indoor bar counter area.

Outdoor Accessories & Decor

Luxury Outdoor Furniture, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via West Elm

Square Pedestal Fire Pit Table

This square pedestal fire pit table is one of the coolest and most aesthetic-looking fire pits ever. I think adding a fire pit to your outdoor space is so much fun and a great way to entertain.

If you love smores as much as I do, you’ll love having a fire pit because that means endless smores. 

You can create a clean and easy flame with the click of a button. It’s also made with a weather-resistant sealant so it’ll be fine all year long.

You’ll need propane to power this fire pit, so no need to worry about getting wood or charcoals. Since it looks so modern, it makes the most luxurious centerpiece for your outdoor space. 

This one’s another must when it comes to luxury outdoor furniture.

Mali Grey Indoor/Outdoor Rug

We have this rug from Annie Selke on our backyard patio and I love it! It’s beautiful and it covers the orange tile that’s currently there (that we’re hoping to rip out and replace next year) and just gives the patio a much more neutral vibe that fits our style better.

We got the largest size so it covers a large space on the patio, and our rattan furniture looks soo good on it.

Image via Pottery Barn

Shibori Eco-Friendly Indoor/Outdoor Rug

I’m in love with the indigo color and the very boho design of this outdoor rug from Pottery Barn.

If you’re not into the indigo color, you have a few more options like gray or terracotta. I think adding an outdoor rug to your space is a must because it helps make the space cozy and ties everything together.

This one is super cool because it’s made with recycled polyester sourced from single-use plastic bottles—it’s eco-chic. 

Luxury Outdoor Furniture, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Target

Scalloped Floral Print with Pom Poms Patio Umbrella

Last but not least, I’m including this adorable patio umbrella—I had no idea they made super cute and aesthetic patio umbrellas now. 

When I think of luxury outdoor furniture, I think of a chic, scalloped umbrella. But it doesn’t have to break the bank…

This one from Target is to die for! I’m obsessed with the green floral color and how feminine it looks.

It’s also designed to be fade-resistant and really protect against UV rays. It’s 8.5ft which brings a lot of shade to your space. 

The best feature is that it can tilt and adjust with a crank bringing ultimate sun protection.

Those were all luxury outdoor furniture pieces that I either own or I’ve had my eyes on. I’m still deciding between a few of these options!

If you decide to add any of these luxury patio furniture pieces to your outdoor space, be sure to tag me on Insta @wtfab so I can see how you styled them.

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