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Lost Cherry Tom Ford Dupes That Smell Like the Real Deal

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Lost Cherry Tom Ford dupe perfumes, by beauty blogger What The Fab

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative to the luxurious Lost Cherry Eau de Parfum, I’ve got seven Lost Cherry Tom Ford dupe fragrances you’ll love.

Tom Ford is responsible for some of the best perfumes and colognes in the perfume industry, and the Private Blend Collection Lost Cherry is no exception.

This sultry fragrance has a rich combination of fruity and earthy scent notes that combine to create a stunning perfume for women that’ll become your new obsession.

Click the images below to shop for the best Lost Cherry Tom Ford fragrance dupe perfumes:

Depending on what bottle size you plan to buy, expect to drop anywhere from $80 to $595 on Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry perfume.

Before you start suffering from a major case of sticker shock, check out these top Lost Cherry dupes that will give you the same delicious smell for way less. 

To make things easy for you, you can shop for these products by clicking directly on the images, the shopping buttons, and the text links. 

These are my affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you purchase using my links (at no additional cost to you!), and I greatly appreciate you shopping with my links!

Shop for my favorite Tom Ford Lost Cherry dupes by clicking below:

Lost Cherry Tom Ford Dupe Perfumes That Smell Like the Real Deal

About the Lost Cherry Perfume

Before diving into this dupe fragrance roundup, we have to talk about the original Tom Ford eau de parfum, one of the best in the perfume industry.

Lost Cherry is described as an intoxicating and luxurious feminine fragrance scented with top notes of cherry, tonka bean, and almond.

The black cherry liqueur in this fragrant body spray provides a layer of sensuality and freshness that smells like summertime in a bottle without overpowering your senses.

Other notes in the couture Lost Cherry spray for women include bitter almond, Turkish rose, and jasmine—you’ll be obsessed after just one sniff.

We can all relate to the experience of falling in love with a beauty product only to realize it comes with a shockingly high price tag, but there’s no need to worry!

I’ve rounded up seven incredible dupes for the Tom Ford private blend Lost Cherry scent that rival the real deal, so keep reading for all the deets.

You can start shopping these fragrance dupes for Tom Ford by clicking below:

Best Lost Cherry Fragrance Dupes

Lost Cherry Tom Ford dupe perfumes, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via eBay

1. Alexandria Fragrances Fructus Virginis

I was immediately drawn to the Alexandria Fragrances brand Fructus Virginis body mist because it contains an almost identical blend of scent notes to the original Tom Ford product.

This sensual women’s fragrance is formulated with juicy black cherry, bitter almond, and cherry liqueur.

Like the designer perfume from Tom Ford, the delectable Fructus Virginis spray perfectly balances a deep and rich scent profile with a fruity and slightly sweet top layer.

Whether you plan to spritz this velvety aroma daily or reserve it for special occasions, the Alexandria Fragrances cherry perfume can do it all. 

Lost Cherry Tom Ford dupe perfumes, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

2. Kayali Lovefest Burning Cherry

Kayali Lovefest Burning Cherry is another popular dupe for the Lost Cherry designer fragrance.

While Burning Cherry isn’t the cheapest dupe perfume on this list, it’s still significantly more affordable than the Tom Ford scent.

Lovefest is described as a warm and spicy unisex fragrance with top notes of cherry and middle notes of caramelized praline followed by a base of palo santo, patchouli, and musk.

The result is a dreamy and alluring perfume that’s perfectly sweet yet earthy and full of elegance and warmth.

You could even layer Lovefest Cherry with other sprays to create your signature scent.  

Lost Cherry Tom Ford dupe perfumes, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via eBay

3. Zara Cherry Smoothie

Try the Cherry Smoothie perfume from Zara for a more sweet and airy fragrance experience.

Zara’s cherry-inspired perfume is a fruity and floral scent that combines all your favorite notes from the original Tom Ford perfume with some unique additions.

The star ingredients of this cherry dupe perfume are cherry, almond, and plum, which is followed by woodsy Peru balsam and hawthorn layered atop base notes of vanilla and tonka bean.

Zara fragrances have never disappointed me because they smell incredible and provide plenty of bang for your buck. 

Click the images below to browse my picks for the best Lost Cherry Tom Ford dupe perfumes:

Lost Cherry Tom Ford dupe perfumes, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Walmart

4. Dossier Ambery Cherry

A guide to the top Tom Ford Lost Cherry dupe perfumes would be incomplete without at least one Dossier fragrance for women!

Ambery Cherry is the perfumer’s affordable alternative to Lost Cherry, and it’s a solid perfume choice that smells like luxury.

This Ambery Eau de Parfum is a rich and multi-dimensional scent with hints of cherry, cinnamon, jasmine, vanilla, and more.

Dossier knows its stuff when it comes to spot-on fragrance dupes, and Ambery Cherry is irresistible.

Image via Ulta

5. Escada Cherry in Japan

Escada Cherry in Japan is an addictive yet understated eau de toilette you can wear for any occasion.

Inspired by the bustling city of Tokyo, Cherry in Japan is infused with fruity and feminine scent notes.

Sparkling cherry accord is the main note of this Japanese-style cherry perfume fragrance, followed by a soft blend of jasmine and tonka, which adds some sweetness.

This cherry eau de toilette is the perfect balance of light yet bold fragrance notes, making it ideal for everyday use.

Image via Walmart

6. Banana Republic Dark Cherry and Amber 

Another classic unisex fragrance dupe for Lost Cherry is Banana Republic’s Dark Cherry and Amber spray.

This Cherry and Amber scent was first released in 2019 and has become a top choice among luxury dupe perfumes and fragrances.

I’m obsessed with the musky blend of sour cherry, pink freesia, cedar, and amber, giving this slightly masculine perfume a rich and woodsy odor of sensuality.

Genderless perfumes are sure to be hot this season, so snag a bottle of the Amber and Cherry fragrance while you can.

Image via Walmart

7. Dossier Fruity Almond

The last Lost Cherry Tom Ford alternative I recommend is another pick from Dossier, the Fruity Almond perfume.

Though this floral fragrance spray is inspired by the Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume, it incorporates similar aromatic notes as Lost Cherry.

Fruity Almond features a divine and slightly citrusy combination of almond, peach, mandarin orange blossom, and a hint of smoky tonka bean.

You won’t find notes of cherry in this Dossier spray, but I still think this perfume for women captures the same sensual essence as the original Tom Ford eau de parfum.

Hopefully, this roundup of Lost Cherry Tom Ford dupe perfumes has inspired you to ball out on a budget and try some new fragrances!

Don’t forget to tag me on Insta (@wtfab) if you purchase any of these fragrance sprays so I can get your thoughts.

Shop for these Tom Ford Lost Cherry dupes by clicking the images below:

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Is the Tom Ford Lost Cherry eau de parfum worth the price?

While I do love the smell of Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry fragrance, there are a lot of affordable dupe fragrances available if you’re shopping on a budget.

What does Lost Cherry smell like?

Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry eau de parfum features zesty notes of black cherry liqueur and almond blended with rose and jasmine.

What are the best Tom Ford cherry dupe perfumes for women under $50?

Check out the Gourmand Cherry Smoothie perfume from Zara.

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