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Living Proof

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Fall is finally in the air here in San Francisco! We brought out little space heater out of hibernation from the back of our closet, and got out the extra throw blankets for our couch. And while I was sad at first to see our Indian summer go so quickly (the warm weather literally changed over night!), I’m excited for the upcoming holidays that can be felt in the air.
To help get my hair ready for all the holiday parties that are about to begin, I tried out a handful of Living Proof’s science-meets-beauty hair products. Using their product selector tool, I picked a few different products to help target a few of my usual hair issues. While I love that my hair dries straight, sometimes it can be really limp and flat. It also gets oily really easily. And of course, split ends are a thing.
I ended up going with their full shampoo and conditioner (to transform my fine flat hair to feel more like naturally full, thick hair) and dry shampoo to give my roots a little more lift when oil inevitably starts to weigh my mane down. I also used the restore mask treatment to help add some shine and strength to my hair. I love the results, and you can pick out your own products to customize them for your hair, whether it’s frizz-control, a blowout, or curls that you’re after.
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Photos by Omied Arvin

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