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Lazy Bear Den Opening

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Lazy Bear Den

Lazy Bear is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in San Francisco. Like if I had done something really, really bad and was going to be executed tomorrow, Lazy Bear would probably be my choice for the last meal. Not only is the food incredibly imaginative, from the presentation to the surprising flavor combinations, but the experience, service, and ambiance are truly special for any night or any time. Omied and I have been lucky enough to dine there on a couple of special occasions, and it really does not disappoint. We love that they start the experience upstairs in the coziest loft area overlooking the main dining room. You feel like you’re hanging out at a really wealthy friend’s cabin or home in Tahoe, while delectable, bite-sized starters start to get passed your way. Omied and I recently attended a media event at Lazy Bear where we got to hear from chef David Barzelay, sample some of their wines from their cellar, and enjoy some incredible food. They know that the cost of their dining experience makes it more of a special occasion place for most people (although David did mention they do have a handful of repeat customers that dine with them at least once a month—#Goals), and they’ve recently opened their doors a little wider by launching Lazy Bear Den. That cozy upstairs area that feels like a rich friend’s cabin? You can now make reservations to enjoy and explore some of their reserve wines on their wine list and a la carte bites, without dropping about $200 on their tasting menu (before alcohol). You can grab a seat at the Lazy Bear Den starting at 9:30 pm Tuesdays through Saturdays. You’ll fall in love with Lazy Bear Den and want to spend every year feeling full off of their amazing food and dining experience!

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Lazy Bear Den

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How much is Lazy Bear?

Lazy Bear ticket prices can range from $165 to $195 per person, excluding taxes and service charges. You can also add beverages to your course for an extra $95.

What is Lazy Bear?

Lazy Bear is a dinner party where they seat all their dinners on a long communal table and serve and explain each course to the entire room at once.

How long is a Lazy Bear Dinner?

Lazy Bear Dinners are around 3 hours long.

When did Lazy Bear open?

Lazy Bear opened in 2014 in the Mission District.

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