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The Best Lake George Airbnbs

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Lake George Airbnb, by Travel Blogger What The Fab

Just three hours north of the bustle of New York City is the total lack of bustle that is Lake George. Known for being incredibly beautiful, this stretch of water is a peaceful place—that Adirondack Mountain air is almost magical.

It’s not about hotels here—it’s all about amazing Airbnbs. And the Airbnb website has a whole ton of different options that make vacationing in this blissful region extra special.

To help you narrow down what’s available, I’ve selected a bunch of my all-time favorites!

The Best Lake George Airbnbs

Turns out there’s a lot going on around Lake George, from modern-meets-rustic to actual fairytale properties. It’s not just log cabins! Tag me in your Insta photos and pics (I’m @wtfab) and let me know where you choose for your vacay!

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Is Lake George worth visiting?

Yes, Lake George is definitely worth visiting! There are so many fun activities to do and places to see.

How far is Lake George from Manhattan?

Lake George is 184 miles away from Manhattan, so a perfect place for a weekend getaway!

Is Lake George expensive?

Yes, Lake George can be pricey but if you plan everything ahead of time you can budget everything out.

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