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Episode #1 What The Fab Podcast: Intro

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Episode Transcription:

Well, hello and welcome to the brand spanking new What The Fab Podcast! I am so pumped to be in your ear, chatting with you today. And I thought I would just take a minute to do a quick little intro on me and why I decided to launch a podcast and what kinds of topics we’re going to be covering.

So my name is Elise Armatage. I am a content creator, blogger influencer, whatever you want to call it. I personally don’t love the word influencer. I kind of lean towards “content creator,” but I have been running my blog What the Fab for almost a decade now. And it is now my full-time business.

I have a background in marketing and branding and events. I worked at Google for five years. Loved it, had a great experience there, but finally realized, well, I kind of knew all along, but we’ll get into that in another episode, but I finally admitted to myself that I really needed to pursue running my own business and being an entrepreneur and doing my own thing.

And so I left Google back in January, 2019. And I haven’t looked back since.

I decided to launch a podcast because I realized that I was getting a lot of messages in my DMS on Instagram. You can find me @wtfab, where people were asking me questions about my blog and my career. And time management tips and how I was able to leave my job at Google.

And I was realizing more and more that texting it out over DM, just wasn’t covering it. And I was starting to rely more on audio messages to respond. And to my delight, I found that people loved getting these audio messages. It feels way more personal and it just has become a really fun way for me to connect and chat with people that’s a little bit different. I’m not super into video. Like I’m not into YouTube, I’ve dabbled in it, but it’s just not my cup of tea, but podcasting is something that I’m really excited to dive into.

So when I was thinking about launching this podcast, my first reaction was, you know, it’s 2020, we’re in a panny, everyone’s stuck at home. It kind of feels like everyone and their mother launched a podcast. Like, does the world really need one more podcast?

But then I realized that the advice that I give people, like when someone slides in my DMS and says, I’m thinking of starting a blog. Is it too saturated? Like, what’s the point? Should I even do it?

I always tell people, yes, there are a ton of blogs out there, but there isn’t a blog written by you with your unique voice, your unique story, your perspective. And there are people out there that need to hear that messaging from you, because for whatever reason, it’s going to hit them versus somebody else saying it, maybe it’s because of your story, maybe it’s because they relate to something specific about you.

And so I thought I should probably take my own advice here and not hold myself back and put it out there. So that’s what I’m doing. And I’m really excited. And when I think about how I consume podcasts, I have learned so much from people’s amazing free content that they share in their podcasts.

And it’s kind of gotten to the point where if I am cooking, if I’m doing the dishes, if I’m driving, it kind of feels like a waste of time if I’m not also learning something from a podcast at the same time. I even, I’m such an efficiency freak you guys, and we’re going to get into all of my best like apps and productivity tips and all of that. But I’m such an efficiency freak that I bought a waterproof Bluetooth speaker so that I can listen to podcasts in the shower and learn while I’m in the shower.

So, what can you expect from the What the Fab Podcast? Think of this as like a happy hour with a girlfriend where you can gossip, you can dish, you can share your latest skincare finds, but you can also share advice and tangible tips on things like career or tricky situations at work, maybe life hacks. I mentioned productivity earlier.

I really want to kind of mix all of these topics in because like my tagline says on my blog, I really believe that you can be of both substance and style. And what I mean by that is I can love shoes and get really excited about sharing a great sale that I found with you, but I also can be equally as excited to talk about other important things. Like anti-racism, what books are you reading so you can really learn how to be an ally and a true anti-racist? What are you doing to be an activist from home for the latest election, whether it’s local or the shit show of an election that we just went through?

And I want to cover these topics through interviews with other women that I find inspiring, and I know have great stories to share as well as doing some solo episodes where I’m just honing in on a topic. Maybe it’s a question that I see popping up in my DMS a lot and just really dig into that. And those could be a mix of like a short and snappy five to 10 minute episode where I touch on something or it could be a longer deep dive.

I’m just excited to see where it goes. We’re going to be flexible. And oh, one other thing you probably mentioned, I do love the occasional F-bomb. So if you’re listening with little ones around, maybe put some headphones in. Okay. You’ve been warned, you know, in case you couldn’t already tell by my brand name. 😉

Okay. I think that’s it. Like I said, so stoked that you’re here. Be sure to subscribe through whatever platform you are listening through. We have some really exciting interviews coming up that I can’t wait to share. And if you have any suggestions or requests for topics you’d like to have covered, or people you think would make for a really interesting interview on the podcast, definitely hit me up.

Don’t be shy. You can email me at elise [at] or I’m always on Instagram, of course, you can find me @wtfab. Talk to you soon!

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