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Cute Spring Nails: Must-Have Press-On Nail Designs

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Cute Spring Nails to try this year by Travel Blogger What The Fab

Spring has sprung, and there’s no better way to start the season off than with a fresh set of nails.

Save yourself a trip to the nail salon by getting your hands on these super cute and easy press-on nails for spring!

The panny has only increased my love for press-on nails. They’re so easy to use, maintain, and swap out for new designs.

I also love how affordable they are, which is why I’m bringing you this guide to the best of the best press-on nails and nail designs. Achieve cute spring nails!

1. imPRESS Nails

I love imPRESS nails so much. I even made a whole imPRESS nails review here on how amazing these press-on nails are about a year ago. I also go into all my tips and tricks for getting these nails to last 2 – 3 weeks in that post!

If you don’t know already imPRESS is a line also made by KISS nails.

These press-on nails come in a ton of nail colors and super cute nail art designs. I love that they make a lot of their nail designs with an accent nail.

Here are a few new spring nail designs that you need to get your hands on.

image via imPress
image via imPress
image via imPress

Shop imPRESS nails:

2. Finger Suit

I recently discovered Finger Suit and I’m obsessed! They have so many fun and cute AF designs—the Flower Checkerboard is my fav and the ones I’m wearing.

All their nail designs come in a coffin or square shape, so you’re a big fan of longer-length nails you’ll love Finger Suit.

For press on nails, these last a pretty long time—mine lasted a week before I had to touch up with nail glue. I was super impressed and will definitely continue to buy press nails from them!

Here are a few of my favorites this spring.

cute spring nails, by Blogger What The Fab
Image via Finger Suit
Image via Finger Suit
Image via Finger Suit

Shop Finger Suit:

3. Static Nails

I’ve seen Static Nails all over my Insta feed!

They have so many different shapes and styles to really fit your aesthetic.

Static Nails come in a variety of colors and stick to minimal designs like french tips, tortoiseshell, or ombre.

Here are a few of my favorites this spring.

image via Static Nails
image via Static Nails
image via Static Nails

Shop Static Nails:

4. Chillhouse Chill Tips

So, I recently discovered Chill Tips by Chillhouse and I’m obsessed.

They have such fun and unique nail art ideas—definitely different designs compared to the other brands on the market.

They make their nails with non-toxic glue and include 24 nails to find your perfect fit.

And they just came out with some super cute new designs for spring!

Here are some of my favorites.

image via Chillhouse
image via Chillhouse

Shop Chillhouse nails:

5. Clutch Nails

Clutch Nails has super trendy and super cute spring nails! You easily find a set at Target or order online.

I’m obsessed with their nail designs and different shapes. These are definitely more on the longer side—something to keep in mind.

Here are some of my favs for spring:

image via Clutch Nails
image via Clutch Nails
image via Clutch Nails

Shop Clutch Nails:

6. ManiMe

ManiMe makes super cute stick-on gel nails.

They’re unique in that they use 3D technology where all you have to do is scan your hand and select your design to receive your high-tech mani in the comfort of your own home.

They seriously have a huge selection of nail art to choose from that you can wear as a manicure or pedicure. ManiMe makes using gel so much easier.

image via ManiMe
image via ManiMe
image via ManiMe

Shop ManiMe nails:

7. Red Aspen

Red Aspen makes v cute and playful press-on nails.

They do a lot of pink shades and animal prints. I really love how affordable their press-on nails are and that they offer several length options.

A few spring favs:

image via Red Aspen
image via Red Aspen
image via Red Aspen

Shop Red Aspen:

That’s a wrap on my favorite cute spring nails! I hope you found some inspo from this list and discovered some new brands to try.

I’ve also noticed some key spring nail polish colors like yellows, purples, greens, earth tones, and blues. Some trendy designs I’ve seen are nails with bright colors and negative space or keeping it simple with the classic french manicure.

If you decide to try out any of these nail ideas, be sure to tag me (@wtfab) on your Instagram stories or posts! I would love to see how you styled your nails with your spring style.

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