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29 Rooms

Refinery 29 recently brought its famous 29 Rooms to San Francisco for a couple weeks, and you know any time there are ‘grammable moments, I’m down to check it out. I’ve also been to the Museum of Ice Cream and The Color Factory, but the thing that I really liked about 29 Rooms was that …

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Lands End Hike

A few shots from a hike I went on a few months ago up at Lands End. It was a beautiful day, and the views of the golden gate and the ocean are breath taking. Check it out if you’re in the area! Elise ArmitageElise Armitage is an entrepreneur and founder of What The Fab, a …

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The Delightful Azil Boutique featured by popular San Francisco fashion and travel blogger, What The Fab

The Delightful Azil Boutique

The dainty jewelry trend is one of my favorites this year. I love it because it’s easy to layer tons of dainty necklaces, bracelets and rings in one outfit, and it pretty much always looks fab. Mixed metals? Sure. Multiple rings adorning your fingers and knuckles? Go for it. It’s hard to go wrong with …

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