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Blogger Office: Room Reveal

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Sooo excited to be sharing my very first room reveal from our new home—my blogger office!

I’ve been dreaming of designing my very own office space for YEARS.

When we lived in a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco, my “office space” was a corner in our living room. It was actually featured in Forbes, lol.

While I made it work, it wasn’t necessarily the dreamiest. Having an actual separate space for my work has been such a gamechanger.

This is also the one room in the house that’s completely mine. Which meant that I could make it as girly and feminine as I wanted. Versus the rest of the house is shared space, and Omied and I have to agree on everything, so we’ve gone with a more mid-century modern, warm boho vibe.

Blogger office, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Starting out with a blank canvas can be intimidating when you’re designing a room from scratch, so I was really pumped to work with Havenly to design my office. Havenly is a virtual interior design service, and I’ll do a full post and review about working with them, but they killed it. You can use my code WTFAB25 for 25% off their design services. I absolutely love how my office turned out!

I knew that I wanted to have all of the decor and furniture in What The Fab brand colors—navy, blush, mint, gold, black, and white. But that was about as far as I’d gotten

My Havenly designer and I ended up choosing the theme boho-glam for my office, which felt so perfect.

I wanted to make sure that I felt inspired and excited every time I stepped into my office, and we definitely achieved that.

Ok, so let’s get into some of the specifics around my office, and some of my favorite decor and furniture pieces.

Blogger office, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Modular closets cloffice design, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Modular Closet

I interchangeably call my office my “cloffice,” because I have this open air closet situation. Again, something I’ve been absolutely dreaming about having in my blogger office for years. My closet system was designed by Modular Closets, and you can read my full Modular Closets review here.

The open closet is great for storage (all those gifted products need to go somewhere!), displaying things that inspire me, and also keeping new fashion pieces top of mind for upcoming shoots.

Shop decor in my closet below:

Blogger office, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Navy Velvet Couch from Apt2B

I knew I wanted a velvet navy couch in my office. I also wanted it to be a sleeper sofa, so that my office can double as a second guest room when we have multiple guests over.

Oh, and I wanted it to be chic. Do you know how hard it is to find a chic navy velvet couch that’s also a sleeper sofa?? Very.

I found this beauty at Apt2B, which is also where our gorgeous leather sofa in the living room is from.

Blogger office, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

I love the tufted back and arms, and thought that the curves and the art deco flair complimented the wallpaper nicely (we’ll get to the wallpaper in a sec!).

We love both of our Apt2B couches—they’re great quality.

The one in my office is called the Nora Sofa, and she’s so, so comfortable. There are a ton of different colors and fabrics you can choose from (64, to be exact), and I love that Apt2B sends you free swatches so you can find the exact right color.

You can also customize the finish on the base/leg, and I went with espresso.

Most afternoons after lunch time you can find me blogging away on my Nora Sofa. She’s a beaut!

Blogger office, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Shop the Nora Couch below!

Blogger office, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Pink Wallpaper from Graham and Brown

I also knew I wanted a wallpaper statement wall in my office. I poured over a bunch of different options (and was honestly stressing out a bit that I was going to make the “wrong” decision on wallpaper), but ultimately my friend who has interior design experience and great taste (shout out to Shauna!) sent me this pink one from Graham and Brown and I loved it!

We used Graham and Brown wallpaper for our laundry room wallpaper project, so I knew their wallpaper is good quality. It does require you to use wallpaper paste though, as they don’t have adhesive on them.

We ended up having to hire someone to do the wallpaper for us, because it was just not coming out right and was getting slantedd. Applying wallpaper is no joke! And I wanted to make sure it looked as good as possible. So just a heads up you may need to consider getting help.

It was worth it for us because we spent two weekends fighting about wallpaper and that was two weekends too many.

I LOVE the wallpaper statement wall. It really makes the room pop, and the navy Nora Sofa looks so good against the pink wall.

It’s also amazing for photoshoot backgrounds and Zoom backgrounds.

Shop my favorite wallpaper options below!

Blogger office, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Rug from Loloi Rugs

The large rug in my office is also another statement piece that took me a while to decide on. I loved the design on this one but worried that the dark colors would make the room feel dark.

I’m glad I decided to go with this one though, because it doesn’t make the room feel dark at all and it’s so, so cute. I get lots of compliments and questions about it when it’s in the background of my Instagram Stories.

Loloi has so many gorgeous designs and rugs, and you can find them on sites like Wayfair and Rugs Direct.

Shop my rug and a few other of my Loloi rug favorites below:

Blogger office, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Floor Mirror from Anthropologie

Ok, you know I contemplated getting that one Anthro mirror that is like social media famous…but it’s like $1,600 and also way too big for my office. I don’t have a wall where it would fit!

So instead, I opted for Anthropologie’s Adelaide mirror, which is much slimmer (and way cheaper).

It’s the perfect size for my office and you’ll see it in a lot of my try-on hauls and photos. The style also goes with the boho-glam theme of the office.

Btw, if you’re looking for some Anthropologie mirror dupes, I wrote up a whole blog post with my favs here!

Shop my Anthro mirror and a few other fav styles:

Blogger office design, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Gallery Wall from Desenio

For art on the wall where my desk is, I did a Desenio gallery wall and it turned out so cute! They have so many prints to choose from, at v affordable prices, so it’s easy to find fun pieces to fit your style.

You can read my full Desenio Review here!

I also added in some other decor pieces like this fun god’s eye mirror from Cost Plus, my papercut portrait from my friend Suze, and a gold shelf with some other decor items.

Shop the wall + desk decor below:

Blogger office, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Chandelier from World Market

I’d been dying to get a beaded chandelier, and I knew my office was the place for it because 1). It’s v boho-glam and 2). There’s no way I could get Omied to agree to put a beaded chandelier anywhere else in the house.

I went with this beaded chandelier from World Market. It’s currently out of stock, but here’s a very similar one from Wayfair! Also linking a few other similar ones below.

It looks SO good in my office. I’m obsessed! She cute.

Shop beaded chandeliers:

Blogger office, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Art from Minted

I have a bunch of fun art pieces from Minted around our house, and I put a few of the gold ones in my living room. I love their gold foil maps and did one of California, plus a gold foil Golden Gate Bridge on the wall next to my open closet.

I also did a custom quote with Minted and got one of my favorite Beyonce lyrics printed in gold, with a navy background.

Shop Minted Art:

Blogger office, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Blush Curtains from West Elm

Curtains are hard, y’all. I was really pumped to get rid of the hideous blinds the previous owners had left behind.

It took me four tries to find the exact right ones, but once I did, it was worth it!

At first I tried a velvet dark teal/navy color, and tbh this was against the advice of my Havenly designer lol. She had showed me them but then said she thought the color would clash with the navy couch because it’d be kinda similar, but not different enough.

I thought they were so pretty though so I ignored her advice and ordered them. But guess what, there’s a reason she’s a professional haha, I should have listened to her! She was 100% right and even though the teal color was pretty, it looked odd near the navy couch.

So I returned those and tried a light grey velvet curtain instead, but they were just too blah. I ultimately landed on these blush velvet curtains, with this gold double curtain rod and these sheer linen curtains, and they look amazing!

Per Omied’s advice, I went with blackout lining for the blush curtains and did a double rod so that I could have the curtains pulled back most of the time, with the sheer curtains available if the sun is shining too brightly. That way, when we have guests sleeping in this room, they can have the blackout curtains blocking out any light.

Shop my curtains:

Coffee Bar Cart

Last but not least, I love my little bar cart that I use as a coffee bar! I’ve got my espresso machine on there for when I need a little pick me up, plus some cute art, candles, an my Aera diffuser that keeps my office smelling nice.

Shop the bar cart:

That’s the scoop on my blogger office! If you’re designing or tweaking your home office, I hope this post gave you some ideas. You can shop all the things throughout this post and below! You can find the best office desks in Canada on

We’ve been in our new home for 10 months now, and this is my first official, full room reveal post. It really is quite a process! More to come though!

Looking for more home decor posts? They’re over here!

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Jamie Cutshaver

Tuesday 3rd of January 2023

This office is gorgeous! Love all the details, thank you for sharing it on the blog!!

Elise Armitage

Tuesday 3rd of January 2023

Aww thank you! I love how it turned out! :) And so glad all the details were helpful!