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DIY: Laundry Room Wallpaper Makeover

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Laundry room wallpaper and makeover, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

I am so pumped to share this laundry room makeover and before/after shots today! Laundry room wallpaper is a must in my mind, especially after doing this project and seeing how it just makes the space pop!

I showed some of these before and after pics with some of my girlfriends who are really into interior design, and one of their responses was, and I quote, “Stfu.” 🤣

The difference that some wallpaper and paint can make is pretty amazing! I did a couple other DIY tweaks as well to complete the makeover, and I get into all of those details in this post!

I did a lot of research on Pinterest for cute laundry room ideas before starting this project. Our laundry room is small and it’s more of a deep laundry closet, really. As you can see in the before pictures, it was v drab. Ugly cabinets and weird fake vinyl tile. Not my jam! But I knew it had the potential to be a cute space and I did love that it had a ton of storage. So I got to work!

Laundry Room Wallpaper

First and foremost, I knew I wanted laundry room wallpaper to go on one wall, behind the washer and dryer to really make it pop every time I opened the doors. I chose this gorgeous floral wallpaper from Graham & Brown and I’m so in love with it!

Laundry room wallpaper and makeover, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Graham & Brown has some of the most stunning wallpaper designs I’ve ever seen. It was actually hard to narrow down my laundry room wallpaper choice because there were so many beautiful styles that jumped out at me. Ultimately, teal is my favorite color and I loved how the Resplendence Aqua Wallpaper paired with the Tiru teal paint.

When my Graham & Brown wallpaper arrived I was so thrilled because it was even more gorgeous in person! The colors are so rich and the paper is nice and thick. It just has a super high quality feel to it and a beautiful sheen.

Laundry room wallpaper and makeover, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Linking a few other Graham & Brown wallpaper designs that I’m loving below:


Before applying the wallpaper, I removed all of the cabinet doors and sanded them down. I then painted them with the teal Tiru paint, using the Matt finish. I did have a can of the Eggshell finish as well, but that ended up being too glossy for my taste and I much preferred the Matt.

I also got new pulls for my cabinet doors, since they previously didn’t have handles and I was always grabbing and trying to open from the wrong side.

I painted the entire inside of the laundry room closet with the Matt Tiru paint as well. I was a little worried it would make the space too dark, but I ended up loving it! The contrast with our white walls looks great. Plus there is a recessed light in the ceiling, so even in the evenings it doesn’t feel to dark.


I also did something a little bit strange…I spray painted the countertop around the sink black, and painted the actual sink bronze! I decided to go this route because while I would like to just rip out and replace the sink eventually, it’s just not at the top of my priority list right now when it comes to our house renovations budget.

I did a lot of research to see if this would even work, and turns out, it’s possible! Especially for a sink like this that I don’t use every day. I literally use it once a week to rinse out my laundry detergent cup. So far, the paint is holding up just great! And it looks so much more modern, no? Not bad for a ~$10 DIY.

So far it’s been holding up well. I also sprayed a primer on the countertop/sink beforehand.


I also covered up the hideous fake vinyl floor. We’re actually probably going to redo the entire second floor with new engineered hardwood in the coming months, but I legit couldn’t stand to see that ugly floor after beautifying the rest of the space, so this is a temporary fix in the meantime. I used this dark, wood grain contact paper to cover the floor and it looks great! It was a bit tricky to apply without getting bubbles in it, but with Omied’s help we were able to get the technique down and I’m super happy with how it looks.

Then came the fun part of adding the wallpaper! This particular design does not come with an adhesive on the back, so we had to get wallpaper paste. I’ve never wallpapered before so I was a little nervous, but again thanks to Omied’s help it wasn’t difficult.

Lastly, I got a bronze tension pole to place inside our laundry room so I could easily hang clothes to dry on it. This has been the perfect drying solution and because it’s a tension rod, it took five minutes to install and doesn’t require any drilling whatsoever.

Laundry room wallpaper and makeover, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

And voila! That’s everything I need to give the interior of my laundry room a major makeover! The Graham & Brown wallpaper was truly key. It just makes the space feel so luxe and beautiful. I seriously smile every time I open these doors to do laundry. It just looks so good!

We ended up with some leftover wallpaper and I’m considering using it on one wall in our bathroom, specifically the toilet room. I think it’d be so pretty and again a nice pop when you open the door!

After tackling my first wallpaper project, I’m now thinking about where else in the house we need wallpaper. Thinking the wet bar next to our living room would be fun, and I’d also love to do a statement wall in my office. So many possibilities! I’m also eyeing mural wallpaper from Everwallpaper for some of our larger spaces, like our master bedroom.

If you’re sprucing up your laundry room decor and vibe, definitely consider adding some beautiful wallpaper from Graham & Brown. You will love!!

With that, I’ll leave you with one more before/after pic because I can still hardly believe the transformation! 😂

Laundry room wallpaper and makeover, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

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Friday 20th of November 2020

I love the way this turned out! I’ve been thinking of putting wallpaper up in my laundry closet for a while now and I think you’ve convinced me to do it!

[email protected]

Friday 20th of November 2020

Thank you!! I'm obsessed with my little laundry room haha. Wallpaper is so fun and makes the space pop! Def check out Graham and Brown.