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10 Blushes That Will Hide Wrinkles for Instantly Younger-Looking Skin

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Best blush for mature skin picks, by beauty blogger What The Fab

These top picks for the best blush for mature skin will give your cheeks a radiant glow that takes years off your appearance. 

Makeup is one of the best tools for achieving a healthy, youthful look, and blush is crucial to any routine. 

Mature skin is prone to discoloration, age spots, and wrinkles, which makes finding a complementary blush product difficult. 

Click the images below to shop my picks for the best blush for mature skin:

Finding the best blush for mature skin is about boosting your natural complexion to achieve a fresh pop of color.

You’ll look years younger instantly with this guide to the best blush for mature skin.

To make things easy for you, you can shop for these products by clicking directly on the images, the shopping buttons, and the text links. 

These are my affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you purchase using my links (at no additional cost to you!), and I greatly appreciate you shopping with my links!

Check out these blushes for mature skin by clicking below:

Best Blush for Mature Skin: Top 10 Picks

Best blush for mature skin picks, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Westman Atelier

1. Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick

Westman Atelier’s Baby Cheeks Blush Stick is a multi-use product that works beautifully on mature skin. 

The Baby Cheeks Stick can be used on both the cheeks and lips to give your skin a natural flush of color. 

This Blush Stick has a luxuriously creamy formula that blends seamlessly, giving you complete control over the amount of pigmentation. 

Swipe the Baby Cheeks product across the high points of your cheekbones for a subtle tint, or build it up for a bold makeup look. 

Westman Atelier infused the cream blush stick with calming ingredients that your skin will love, and the formula is free of harsh parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances.

Best blush for mature skin picks, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

2. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks

The Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks from Bobbi Brown is another two-in-one cosmetic product that will simplify your daily makeup routine. 

Since liquid and cream blushes are usually ideal for skin prone to sagging and wrinkles, the Pot Rouge is one of the best cream blush products. 

Bobbi Brown offers the Lip & Cheek Pot Rouge in nine beautiful shades that complement various skin tones.

This cream lip tint and cheek color feels light and natural on the skin, so it won’t settle into imperfections throughout the day. 

Blot a small amount of the Pot Rouge on your cheeks and lips for a fresh, youthful appearance that instantly makes you look years younger.

Best blush for mature skin picks, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

3. NARS Blush

While the iconic NARS Blush has a pressed powder formula, it still looks flattering on skin experiencing signs of aging. 

Available in a shimmer or matte finish, this long-wear blush is famous for the natural tint of color it gives cheeks. 

The NARS Blush shades are beautiful, but Orgasm is the most popular since the peachy-pink color flatters many skin tones and boosts your skin’s natural radiance.

The reason this NARS powder blush works so well on mature skin is the superfine formula since the pigments stay soft and weightless. This gives you the perfect amount of control to blend or build the product to your liking. 

Whether you want a faint flush of color or a bold shade to help your makeup pop, there’s a NARS Blush for every skin type and tone.  

Best blush for mature skin picks, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via ILIA Beauty

4. ILIA Beauty Multi-Stick

A roundup of the best blush for mature skin would be incomplete without ILIA Beauty’s Multi-Stick

The Multi-Stick is a swipe-and-go product designed for the cheeks and lips. 

Since the cream blush comes in a convenient twist-up stick, it’s easy to toss in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day. 

The ILIA Multi-Stick contains hydrating and nourishing ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter that lock in moisture. 

There are natural and luminous shades, so you can find the best color to complement your skin. 

Those with aging skin will love the Multi-Stick product since it effortlessly glides across your cheeks and lips and can be easily blended by lightly patting it in with your fingertips. 

Find the best blush for mature skin by clicking the images below:

Best blush for mature skin picks, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via L’Oreal Paris

5. L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Radiant Satin Blush

The Age Perfect Radiant Satin Blush from L’Oreal Paris is a great blush choice since it’s designed for mature skin. 

Camellia oil is the star ingredient of the Age Perfect Blush, which is formulated to have a dewy, natural finish. 

Although the Radiant Blush is a powder product, it has a rich and creamy texture that’s easy to work with. 

Each Satin Blush includes a hint of shimmer that refracts the light, accentuating your natural glow. 

If you struggle with discoloration and fine lines, you’ll love the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Blush since it highlights your features without becoming dry or cakey.

Best blush for mature skin picks, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via e.l.f. Cosmetics

6. e.l.f. Cosmetics Putty Blush

One way to make mature skin look young again is with a nourishing cheek tint that boosts overall skin health—the e.l.f. Cosmetics Putty Blush is excellent since it contains argan oil and vitamin E. 

This Putty Blush suits all skin types and has a unique cream-to-powder formula that transforms into a semi-matte finish once dry.

The lightweight texture of this vegan and cruelty-free Cream Blush makes it one of the best blushes for mature skin since it won’t sink into pores or wrinkles. 

While the e.l.f. blush has a slightly luminous appearance, it isn’t too shimmery or sparkly. 

You’ll instantly achieve a natural, youthful glow with the Putty Blush product from e.l.f. Cosmetics. 

Best blush for mature skin picks, by beauty blogger What The Fab
Image via Sephora

7. Patrick Ta Major Headlines Double-Take Creme & Powder Blush Duo

Patrick Ta’s Major Headlines Double-Take Creme & Powder Blush Duo is a holy grail makeup product for mature skin. 

The Double-Take Duo has a creamy blush as a base for the complementary powder blush—you can also use the products separately to give the apples of your cheeks a more subtle tint. 

The cream and powder blushes feel weightless on the skin, providing an impressive color payoff lasting for hours. 

With this cheek cream, your skin will have a naturally airbrushed appearance with the perfect radiance. 

The Major Headlines Blush Duo is a good blush choice for older women because it restores youthfulness.

Image via MERIT Beauty

8. MERIT Beauty Flush Balm Cream Blush

The Flush Balm Cream Blush from MERIT Beauty often ranks as the best blush for mature skin thanks to its ultra-light and buildable formula. 

This Flush Balm contains microfine pigments that deposit color without masking your natural complexion. 

As a result, the Cream Blush applies as a lightly tinted balm that you can layer for a bolder look.

Vitamin E is the star ingredient in MERIT’s Flush Blush because it smooths and calms the skin. 

Even if you have sensitive skin prone to breakouts, this Cream Balm is non-irritating and has beautiful results on all skin types. 

MERIT Beauty offers the Blush Balm in nine rich shades that complement virtually all skin tones.

Click below to shop for the best blush for mature skin picks:

Image via Laura Geller

9. Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten Marbleized Blush

Mature skin will look transformed and revitalized with Laura Geller’s Blush-n-Brighten Marbleized Blush

Laura Geller beauty products are designed for middle-aged women, so the Marbleized Blush is formulated to combat signs of skin aging. 

With a light, pressed powder formula, the Blush-n-Brighten product helps skin look dewy and fresh.

Centella Asiatica and white tea extracts are infused in the Marble Blush to nourish and soothe irritated skin. 

The blush applies like a cream, making it easy to control the placement and amount of product. 

One of the most impressive features of the Laura Geller blush is self-adjusting pigments that shift to best flatter your unique skin.

Image via Natasha Denona

10. Natasha Denona Highlighting Blush

Another product people often consider the best blush for mature skin is the Highlighting Blush from Natasha Denona. 

This multi-purpose product is a highlighter and blush, helping you shorten the time you spend applying makeup. 

Despite having a soft, satin-like texture, Natasha Denona’s blush delivers intense pigmentation with every brush swipe.

The Highlighting Blush contains plenty of shimmer to make mature skin glow. 

Light-refracting pigments in the blush give your cheeks a multi-dimensional wash of color that’s sure to turn heads. 

Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and avocado oils provide a burst of hydration that helps you look healthy and young all day. 

Instantly take years off your appearance with my picks for the best blush for mature skin!

Click the images below to shop for my top blushes for mature skin:

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What blush is best for mature skin?

I recommend the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Radiant Satin Blush.

What type of blush should older women wear?

Liquid and cream blush products are typically best for mature skin, though certain powder formulas help blur signs of aging.

What blush color looks good on everyone?

You can’t go wrong with NARS Orgasm Blush.

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