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Bath Essentials

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Since California’s in a drought, I’ve been reserving baths for when I travel out of state. This works out pretty well, because I’m either traveling for work (where a bath at the end of a long day of running events is a welcome way to unwind), or for play (where a bath on vacation is a lovely way to relax). Here are six things to add to your bath to make it even more luxurious.
1. Wonderful-smelling soaps. A yummy but light fragrance like Deep Steep’s honeydew spearmint helps add to the relaxing vibe, and I love adding bubbles to my bath. I also pulled out some French soaps that I recently received as a bridal shower gift, for good measure.

2. Bath salts. You can add these to your water to add some minerals to your bath, or use them as an exfoliant on your skin.

3. Bath bombs. Drop a bath bomb in your bath for some added fizz and fragrance.

4. Candles. Light a couple candles to help set a relaxing mood.

5. Body brush/Facial sponge. Normally when I’m taking a shower, I don’t take the time to exfoliate. But if I’m taking the time to take a bath, why not spend a couple minutes making my skin smoother? EcoTools’ Dry Body Brush is great for exfoliating skin and leaves you feeling soft and smooth. The Pure Complexion Facial Sponge helps wash away oil and makeup without drying your skin, and it’s made of 100% natural ingredients. Using these two together is like having an in-home spa treatment.


6. A good book. I used to be such an avid reader when I was younger. Now that I’m older, it’s so hard to find time to enjoy reading. So it definitely feels like a luxury to be able to spend some quiet time reading while taking a bath. I just finished Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please. It’s a particularly good one to read at home while in a bath if you don’t want to look like a lunatic laughing by yourself in public.

Did I miss anything? What other elements do you like to add to your bath?

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