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Baggu Review: The Bags You Absolutely Need

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Ok, I’m sharing a brand that has been a staple this summer for me—are you ready for this Baggu review?

I was at the grocery store a while back and saw someone with reusable bags that were cute. I’m a fan of the Trader Joe’s tote but this bag was way cuter.

I found myself on Baggu’s website and I found the grocery bag I saw—I had to have it. They have a huge variety of bags with so many prints you’re bound to find your favorite.

After looking through their fun and colorful website, I found other items that would be perfect for my upcoming trips. I ended up having quite the haul from Baggu but I love it all!

These make for great gifts, and you can fit so much stuff inside them.

If you’re looking to add some color to your accessories or some new tote bags, keep reading for Baggu review!

About Baggu

Emily Sugihara founded Baggu back in 2007 with the idea of bringing color and sustainability into the typical grocery bag. Their Japan-influenced bag is one of their best-selling products now!

Their products are known to be lightweight yet extremely durable which is amazing. For the price, these products are worth every single penny.

Have you ditched the plastic bags and got your Baggu yet?

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Baggu Review: 5 Picks You Need

Baggu Review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Baggu

1. Standard Baggu

This is the shopping bag that started it all for me. Their standard Baggu is fairly big and it fits a ton of groceries.

This bag isn’t just for groceries though, it’s super durable and can be used for pretty much anything! I took it once on a shopping spree to avoid carrying a bunch of paper bags.

What I love is that it comes with its little pouch that you fold the Baggu in and carry! It’s super easy to take with me when I’m running errands.

They have a bunch of prints to choose from (56!) and it comes in three different sizes. These have also come in handy for traveling, I forgot a laundry bag so I just threw everything in my Baggu!

Their site says the bags can hold up to fifty pounds—how amazing is that?

Baggu Review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Baggu

2. Baby Baggu

This is the Baggu I use when I’m running light errands and don’t plan on carrying much. It fits in its small 4×4 pouch—it’s such an adorable bag.

It has the same quality as the standard size and I gravitate towards this one more. This small but mighty bag can also hold up to fifty pounds!

I’ve used it to bring an extra pair of shoes with me, at the farmers market, and even for some light snacks at the beach.

If you’re thinking of buying a Baggu, I’d recommend this one if you don’t carry much!

Baggu Review, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab
Image via Baggu

3. Duck Bag

I won’t lie, I purchased this Baggu tote because I fell in love with the floral print—I don’t even need a new bag. This canvas tote is super functional and I highly recommend it.

Some days I need new scenery so I’ll pack this tote with my laptop and head down to a coffee shop to get some work done. It fits my laptop and a couple of other things without it feeling too heavy.

I use the interior zip pocket for my phone and wallet. The middle snap closure has to be one of my favorites!

The brown colorway of this tote is one that I’ve been eyeing—I might buy it for the fall when it’s PSL season.

Image via Baggu

4. 3D Zip Set

I’ll admit, I tend to overpack when I travel.

This problem has been solved now that I’ve included packing squares into my pre-trip planning. They’re super easy to use and fit everything just right!

These packing squares are good for just general organizing around the house. I’m thinking of purchasing another set to organize my closet space!

Small detail, but I love that these have handles. Makes it easy to grab them and throw them into my luggage.

They come in a bunch of fun prints, I’m purchasing more!

5. Throw Pillow Case

I like to buy throw pillows to decorate my living room but why are pillows actually a bit pricey? When I came across these pillowcases, I thought this one would be perfect for my Gen-Z readers.

It’s 100% cotton and machine washable which I love! It fits well in my little office space as home decor.

The pattern on the back is a different color and is gorgeous for the fall. I also really liked the Calico print but I don’t see where it would fit around my home.

What I like is that the zipper is invisible! It helps since the zipper could get tugged on anything and it could break.

I got this pillowcase on sale, run to grab yours!

Overall, I’m definitely returning to Baggu’s site to purchase more Baggu bags! The raging reviews are there for a reason, these bags are amazing.

Did this Baggu review convince you to run to their site? Tag me @wtfab if you decide to purchase any of these or other colorful products!

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Are these bags sustainable?

Baggu’s nylon styles are made from 59% recycled material!

Are Baggu reusable bags waterproof?

Yes! I’ve thrown in a wet swimsuit and it worked well.

Do Baggu products require special care?

Their canvas products are machine washable but be careful with damaging any zippers! Their nylon products can be cold washed and line dried.

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