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Episode #37: To Have Babies, or Not To Have Babies? That is the Question. A Convo between Three Girlfriends

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#37: Join me for a conversation with two of my blogger besties (Kara from @thewhimsysoul and Kelsey from @blondesandbagels), as we chat candidly about our three different current headspaces when it comes to having babies. From TTC (trying to conceive) to team #nobabies, we get into several different perspectives. Be a fly on the wall for this convo where we get into: 

– Societal pressures and our biggest pet peeves when it comes to this topic.

– Our biggest fears when it comes to starting a family.

– Asking for help, mom-shaming, and the fact that things will never be “equal” when it comes to male/female childcare responsibilities.

– Kelsey’s sex drive going into overdrive after coming off birth control (you’re going to LOL).

Our chat is raw and unfiltered, and I think if you’re in any of these three camps (trying to conceive, undecided, or a clear hard pass on babies), you’re going to relate to a lot of the topics here!

Quick Links from the Episode:

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