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Airbnb Paso Robles: Best of the Best

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The best Airbnbs in Paso Robles, by travel blogger What The Fab

If you’re looking for an Airbnb in Paso Robles, I’ve got you covered!

Paso is such a cute area and there are plenty of options right in the middle of downtown Paso, or a little more secluded where all the wineries are.

No matter what type of vacation rental you’re looking for for your Paso Robles vacation, I’m sure you’ll find the right one on this list.

As I’ve mentioned in my other Paso guides, Paso Robles is a bit of a hidden gem in California, not to mention in the United States—a lot of people even in California aren’t familiar with the area, so it’s not inundated with tourists like, say, Napa.

Meaning you can find really amazing Airbnbs for very reasonable prices.

I’ve scoured all of the Airbnbs in Paso Robles and narrowed them down to this top 12 list, based on their location, aesthetic, price point, and amenities.

You’ll find a lot of Airbnb Plus vacation rentals on here (which basically means they have rave reviews, all the amenities you could want, and everything will work properly), as well as highly rated hosts, and lovely touches like a pool, hot tub, and/or a backyard for grilling or sipping wine in. Perfection.

And if you’re heading to San Luis Obispo County for a vacation in Paso Robles’ beautiful wine country, be sure to check out all of my other Paso Robles guides!

airbnb paso robles, by travel blogger what the fab

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Best Paso Robles Restaurants
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Airbnb Paso Robles

Okay, currently firing off this post to friends and fam who said they want to plan a Paso Robles trip with us this year. Which one of these beauties are we booking, fam??

airbnb paso robles, by travel blogger what the fab

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Airbnb Paso Robles: Best of the Best
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Where should I stay in Paso Robles?

Allegretto Vineyard Resort is a great option in Paso Robles if you’re looking to stay in a hotel. If you’re looking for a vacation rental, Airbnb has several amazing properties in Paso Robles, both downtown and out where the wineries are located.

What is Paso Robles famous for?

Paso Robles is famous for its wine country and Rhone-style varietals.

How many days should I spend in Paso Robles?

Aim to spend at least three days in Paso Robles so that you can relax and enjoy the many different wineries in the area without feeling rushed.

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