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Zig Zag

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If I was a New Yorker, I would totally be a fur person. I never thought I would wear this long, vintage fur coat from my grandmother (who recently turned 100!), but in New York when it was a high of 17 degrees and a low of 0 (and my weather app told me, “Feels like -14*” due to the wind chill), I wanted to wear this coat every single day. It kept me so warm (well, relatively warm; my face still almost froze off), and to be honest I felt freaking fabulous in it.

In one of the pockets, I found something that made me smile: A newspaper clipping from the 40’s that my grandmother had saved and stashed in an envelope. The article was about how fur coats are such an investment piece, and can be passed down from you to your kids and your grandkids. The article went on to say how furs never go out of style, and how you can alter them for changing times. For example, a long coat could be trimmed down to be made shorter, and you could make a stole out of the remaining piece. Even though the brutal cold and wind made it a little hard to function during my New York trip, I’m glad it gave me a reason to bring my grandmother’s coat out to play.

Vintage Fur Coat from my Grandmother // Obey Clothing Sweater (c/o) // Paige Denim Jeans (c/o Zappos) // Chanel Bag // DSW Boots // Perry Street Earrings (c/o Rocksbox)

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