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Workkit series Part 1: A little nicer than business casual

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business casual
This outfit post is the first of a series of workwear looks. My boss was actually the one who suggested I do a post like this, since it can be hard to describe different workwear styles. Sometimes “business casual” just doesn’t cut it to describe the style at an office. Biz casual for whom? An east coaster will have a very different take on that term than a west coaster.
Story time: One time I joined a coworker for a meeting at one of our client’s offices. They’re a large software company. When I asked what I should wear she said “Something a little nicer than business casual.” In my mind at the time, the tiers of workwear went: Casual, Business Casual, Formal. So “nicer than business casual” (to me) = suit. But that didn’t sound right either. I knew I would be way overdressed if I showed up wearing a suit. So I just stuck to my go-to business casual outfit (black slacks and a sweater). And when I showed up to the meeting, I didn’t look inappropriately dressed, but I also didn’t feel like I’d nailed it.
Moral of the story, if I’d worn something more like the above outfit, I would have hit the nail on the head. I actually did wear this exact outfit to a conference in Vegas a couple weeks ago and got lots of compliments on the skirt (thanks to Caroline for letting me buy it off her!). A tip for wearing skirts for business: Make sure they’re not too tight or too short. A couple inches above the knee is about as high as you’d want to go. Tight and short says: I wanna sex you up. Longer and less clingy says: I’m a young professional. Yes, you can take me seriously.
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Thursday 9th of May 2013

Perfect outfit and that skirt has so nice color. Have a great day.