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What’s in my New York Fashion Week Bag

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I’m currently en route from JFK to SFO after spending a jam-packed week in New York that included work events at the Google office, New York Fashion Week events and shows, and a Valentine’s Day weekend with Omied. Despite the frigid temperatures, it was an amazing trip. 
This was my first time attending New York Fashion Week and I did a lot of research before hand as far as tips on traveling to and from shows, where to eat, and what to pack in my purse for a day of show-hopping. I think for a first timer I did a pretty good job of stocking the essentials. Here’s what I had in my bag…
Barbara Bui Handbag – This bag was perfect for fashion week. First of all, it’s gorgeous. And it was the perfect size for fitting lots of essentials (without resorting to a tote bag that holds everything and the kitchen sink).
Simons Buckle Tech Gloves – Gloves were an absolute must given the below-freezing temperatures during this fashion week, and these gloves work with touch screens. Perfect for ‘gramming and snapchatting without getting frost bite!
Mophie Phone Charger – I have a ton of jolt phone chargers that you plug your phone into on the go to juice up (so funny because a few years ago they were kinda expensive, and now they’re given out as freebie swag items all the time!), but ever since I got this Mophie charger for our honeymoon, it’s the one I always reach for. I like that the charger is a case, so you can just swap out cases when your phone needs a charge, and continue using your phone as normal without holding an awkward USB charger. I can usually get one to two charges from my Mophie. And the gold color is cute. 🙂
Balenciaga Sunglasses – Street style photographers position themselves outside of the shows to snap photos of stylish people entering and exiting. I quickly learned that unless my husband is behind the camera, I am super awkward at having my photo taken! I guess I just wasn’t expecting the street style photogs to snap photos without asking first. But a few times I stepped outside and it was snap, snap, snap! I was like uhh I’m looking down at my phone and probably have a double chin right now, can we have a re-do? But at least I was wearing these stylish sunglasses. No blinking shots!
Tieks Flats – These probably would get way more use during the Spring/Summer shows when it’s not snowing/blizzarding/sleeting/whateverthehellthatwas out. But sometimes when you’re heading to the next show, a subway ride is much quicker than calling an uber that keeps squaring the block to try to get to you, and then proceeds to get stuck in horrendous traffic. I love that Tieks are stylish and fold up nicely to fit in your bag.
Hand Sanitizer – I’m a total germaphobe, and the last thing I want with such a packed-in schedule is to come down with a cold. 
Altoid Smalls – For when you’re chugging coffee and munching on random snacks at the show lounges. All while networking.
Blotting Paper – Perfect for late afternoon touchups to get rid of extra shine. Especially important with all of the street style photogs waiting outside!

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