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What to Do in Bimini: 15 Can’t-Miss Activities

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What to do in Bimini, by travel blogger What The Fab

The sunshine, salt water, and easy-going vibes of the Bahamas are always calling my name, so I’m sharing my top recommendations on what to do in Bimini.

Bimini is the most western district in the Bahamas made up of three islands and known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters.

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There’s so much Bimini has to offer beyond the sand and sea, from charming, picturesque towns to historical sites and landmarks. 

I got to visit for a day when I was on my Virgin Caribbean cruise, and I’m definitely looking forward to coming back someday!

Bimini has become a popular travel destination since the Resorts World Bimini Cruise Port opened, but I think the islands deserve more than just a few hours, so I highly recommend planning an entire visit to enjoy all that the area has to offer. However, if you’re arriving from a cruise and only have a few hours, you should definitely check out a couple of things on this list!

Thankfully, Bimini is an easy visit for Americans since the region is located just a quick flight or ferry ride from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and other US towns.

Whether you’re looking for a fun-filled adventure or just want to relax, here’s my list of the top 15 things to do in the Bimini islands!

What to Do in Bimini

What to do in Bimini, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via Hilton

1. Stay at the Hilton at Resorts World Bimini

While there are a few options for where to stay in Bimini, I think the Hilton at Resorts World Bimini is hard to beat.

Boasting a total of 305 luxurious rooms, 10 delicious restaurants, and three gorgeous pools to cool off in, it’s no wonder Bimini’s premier all-inclusive resort is so renowned.

The Hilton Bimini resort also offers an array of water activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling.

The Hilton at Resorts World Bimini is the perfect oasis to return to at the end of a long day exploring the local beaches and towns.

2. Explore Famed Bimini Road

Bimini Road (also known as Bimini Wall) is a mysterious underwater rock formation located beneath the waters of North Bimini.

This rock formation stretches on for about a half-mile and resembles what could be some of the road or pier structure, though it appears to be naturally formed.

Some people believe Bimini Road was part of the lost city of Atlantis, and all the lore surrounding this landmark makes it that much more interesting.

If you love scuba diving and snorkeling then swimming around this mysterious site should be at the top of your to-do list. 

Bimini Road is home to a variety of sea creatures and is one of the most unique things to do in Bimini.

3. Grab a Treat from Nate’s Bakery

If you’re visiting Bimini and want to try an authentic sweet treat, Nate’s Bakery is a must-visit spot.

This local bakery serves up some of the best pastries and bread in Bailey Town, from traditional sandwich bread to the best cinnamon swirl raisin bread I’ve ever tried.

Nate’s Bakery has been a Bimini favorite for over 30 years, so I promise you won’t regret stopping in.

What to do in Bimini, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via Bimini Big Game Club Resort and Marina

4. Visit Bimini Big Game Club Resort and Marina

At Bimini Big Game Club Resort and Marina, you can experience the relaxation of an upscale resort and the excitement of an adventure hub—it’s the best of both worlds! 

There are plenty of activities to enjoy at the resort and marina, from fishing, kayaking, and paddle boarding to snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Feel like relaxing instead? You’re in luck—the resort also has a spa, fitness center, and a few on-site restaurants serving up delicious cuisine.

The resort is right on the marina in Alice Town so you can fish from the pier, catch a stunning sunset, or take one of the daily boat tours to explore the islands around Bimini.

Be sure to stick around after the sun goes down for live music and dancing!

What to do in Bimini, by travel blogger What The Fab

5. Go Scuba-Diving

If you want to take advantage of Bimini’s gorgeous waters, the Bimini Scuba Center in Alice Town is the ultimate spot for underwater exploration. 

Staffed by a team of local divemasters, this Scuba Center allows you to embark on dives where you’ll explore shipwrecks and reefs teeming with marine life.

Whether you’re a seasoned diver or just getting started, there are dive tours for all levels. 

Scuba diving can be a little intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but Bimini Scuba Center will teach you everything you need to know. 

Depending on the time of year you visit you might even be able to spot some hammerhead sharks!

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6. Journey to Sapona Shipwreck

One of the best ways to bring local history to life is by journeying to Sapona Shipwreck

SS Sapona was commissioned by President Woodrow Wilson during World War I and ran aground off the Bimini coast in 1926 during a hurricane.

The spooky shipwreck can be found just a few miles off Bennett’s Harbour in South Bimini, and the underwater dive site offers amazing opportunities to see tropical fish.

It’s an unreal experience to see the wreck rising out of the Caribbean Sea, and the shipwreck looks even more dramatic when you explore it from underneath.

What to do in Bimini, by travel blogger What The Fab

7. Take a Boat Charter

Of course, a trip to the Bahamas would be incomplete without taking a boat charter to explore the surrounding islands and reefs. 

You can enjoy the crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches while sailing around Crab Cay, Little Harbour, and Little San Salvador Island.

If you’re lucky enough, you might spot some dolphins and sea turtles along the way—plus, there are plenty of opportunities to go fishing, snorkeling, or relax on a beach with a cold drink in hand.

There are all kinds of charters you can sign up for and I recommend checking out local options like Bimini Brown Charters and Bimini Sailing Charters.

What to do in Bimini, by travel blogger What The Fab

8. Enjoy the Beach

Oh, how I adore Caribbean beaches!

Bimini’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in the Bahamas. 

You can spend a day soaking up the sun at Radio Beach or exploring mangroves and wildlife along Tiki Hut Beach in South Bimini.

Bimini is the perfect place to snag some beach loungers, sip on a tropical cocktail and work on your tan—sounds like paradise to me.

If you’re unsure of where to go, I recommend booking this guided tour of North Bimini which will show you all the best beach spots!

9. Chow Down at My Three Daughters Restaurant

You’ve probably worked up quite an appetite between all this diving, sailing, and shopping, and My Three Daughters restaurant is the perfect place to refuel after a long day of exploring.

This classic Bimini spot has been a favorite among locals and tourists for years, and you’ll understand why after just one bite.

The menu at My Three Daughters features local cuisine like conch burgers, grouper sandwiches, and island-style fish tacos that are as fresh as you can get.

The restaurant is also known for its famous Three Daughters Rum Cake, made with a special, secret recipe and served warm with a scoop of ice cream or vanilla sauce—my mouth is watering!

From the delicious food to the unbeatable atmosphere, My Three Daughters is a must-visit next time you’re in town.

10. Splash in the Fountain of Youth

During your trip to Bimini, you have to pay a visit to the Fountain of Youth which has been the source of countless local legends since the 1500s. 

This freshwater spring is believed to be the source of mysterious powers that give eternal youth and vitality to all who drink its water.

In all honesty, Bimini’s Fountain of Youth is just a well on the side of the road—not very glamorous.

Nonetheless, it’s still fun to splash your face in the Fountain of Youth’s waters and cross your fingers it’ll work some magic.

11. Swim with Sharks

If you’ve always wanted to get up close and personal with sharks, Bimini is the perfect place to make your dreams come true. 

Bimini Bull Run is a seasonal activity where you can hop in a cage and get lowered into the water to swim with gentle giant hammerhead sharks that flock to the Caribbean waters.

Don’t worry, you’ll have an experienced diver walking you through every step of the process, and the experience is truly unforgettable! 

You don’t need to be an experienced diver since the folks at Bimini Bull Run in Alice Town provide all the necessary equipment and safety training.

12. Snorkel or Dive at Victory Reef

Hands down one of the best things to do in Bimini is snorkel or dive at beautiful Victory Reef

This reef is one of Bimini’s most popular diving spots and is even considered one of the best in the Caribbean thanks to the variety of sea creatures that call it home.

At Victory Reef, you can see everything from colorful corals and sponges to fan worms and anemones. 

There are also plenty of fish and marine creatures to spot, like barracuda, sea turtles, eels, angelfish, and more!

This is a great location for first-time divers, as the coral formations are not too deep and the visibility is excellent.

13. Take in the Views at Rainbow Reef and Tuna Alley

Rainbow Reef and Tuna Alley are some of the best places to go diving and snorkeling in Bimini, with a vibrant collection of coral reefs and abundant marine life.

You can swim among colorful coral walls, explore mysterious underwater caves, and even spot sea turtles. 

The waters at Rainbow Reef and Tuna Alley are crystal clear and full of tropical fish (including some huge tuna), making it a great place for photos.

Rainbow Reef and Tuna Alley are perfect spots for beginner snorkelers or divers to get their feet wet.

The marine life is abundant, the water is warm, and the views of the Bahamian landscape can’t be beaten.

Image via Dolphin House Museum

14. Tour Dolphin House Musem

The Dolphin House Museum located in Alice Town is the perfect way to learn about Bimini’s rich local history. 

Dolphin House Museum was built over 27 years by Ashley Saunders, a local author and retired teacher who was born and raised in Bimini.

This museum is filled with artifacts, photographs, and stories about the history of Bimini—you can even join Mr. Saunders himself on a guided walking tour that he offers daily.

The entire Dolphin House Museum is made of recycled materials like vibrant tiles, shells, glass bottles, and coins sourced from demolition sites and beach treasures Mr. Saunders discovered himself.

15. Stroll Through Alice Town

Alice Town, located in North Bimini, is the region’s main town so you’ll probably be spending a lot of time there.

This charming town is full of Caribbean charm with brightly colored buildings, palm-lined streets, and a bustling waterfront area home to some of the best bars, restaurants, and shops in Bimini.

My favorite thing to do in Alice Town is to walk along King’s Highway, a historic street lined with old Bahamian-style homes and colorful gardens.

In the evening you can catch live music at one of the local bars or explore Alice Town’s art galleries and museums, making it the perfect place to experience local culture.

Be sure to save this list of ideas for things to do in Bimini the next time you’re planning a Bahamas trip.

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If you pay a visit to the Bahamas, make sure to tag me on Insta (@wtfab) so I can live vicariously through your adventures!

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Where is Bimini?

Bimini is the westernmost region of the Bahamas, located in the Caribbean Sea.

What is there to do in Bimini?

Bimini, Bahamas is the perfect place to go snorkeling, scuba-diving, sailing, and enjoy the gorgeous crystal-clear water and white sand beaches.

What are the best things to do in Bimini?

Some of the best things to do in Bimini are exploring Bimini Road, visiting Bimini Big Game Club Resort and Marina, and enjoying a meal at My Three Daughters.

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