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What The Fab Relaunch

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“I’m sorry, the old WTFab can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ’cause she’s dead!” ?


Lollll not really, but seriously today I am so beyond thrilled to share that the new What The Fab is live!!! I have been wanting to give my site a branding refresh and redesign for over a year now, but as I’m sure you know, projects like this (especially ones in addition to a full-time gig and staying on top of running a blog) can easily get pushed back. But it was high time WTFab got a facelift. Omied designed my header and logo (bless his heart) for me when I first started my blog five (5!!) years ago. And while the young, playful vibe really fit me back then when I was 24, a lot has changed since then! My style has evolved a lot, I create way more travel content these days, and I’m about to hit 29. So it was time that What The Fab grew up with me. I love the fresh take on What The Fab’s branding that the talented Vanessa of Noirve designed, and after countless hours of updating and tweaking (shoutout to my rockstar intern Allison for all the late nights!), I love how the new site turned out, and I hope you will too! So, what can you expect with this update and the new What The Fab?


Fabulous new Travel page and interactive map. This is probably the feature that I’m the most excited about. I have so much travel content and it can easily get buried by the next outfit post or travel guide. But these travel guides take SO much work to plan out before a trip, shoot, edit, and write up afterwards with tons of detail and recommendations. The intent is that you as the reader can literally take my travel itinerary and copy it, whether it’s an afternoon, certain days, or the entire trip if you wanted to! Sometimes I will get readers emailing me asking if I have a travel guide to particular destinations. Recently I had someone email asking if I could send them itineraries for Greece or Portugal. But the thing is…I’ve never been to Greece or Portugal! And while I love that y’all think I’m so well traveled that of course I’ve been to Greece/Portugal, this got me thinking that it would be great if there was an easy, visual way to see exactly where I have been, and what locations I’ve written travel guides for. So try out the new map! You can navigate and click around on the different pins to filter by that location, or use the dropdown menu to see an alphabetized list of every place I have some kind of post up from. You’ll also notice that the location filters work for my Instagram posts, too! This was a ton of work to get the code right (haha, not by me, but by my fabulous developer, Sarah) and to get the proper hashtags in place on every single post to make this filter work (that part was done by yours truly). But I was determined to be able to share with you guys ‘grams filtered by destination, because my Instagram posts from my travels are really the highlights reel! When my cousin was planning her recent trip to the UK, she immediately took to my Instagram page and found some must-visit destinations (like, hello, Sketch). And don’t forget if you see an Instagram pic that catches your eye, you can click on it and you’ll be able to see the actual Instagram post, where I always tag things like the location or the name of a place for you guys!

Big-ass pictures. Now that I’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress, my photos are so much crisper (Omied is SO happy about that one), and you’ll notice I’m also making them larger. Omied’s photography has gotten so damn legit, it’s only right that his photos are featured in a bigger way!

New newsletterI’m publishing a newsletter every Friday as a way to share a roundup of posts from that week, new fashion finds, and just another way to connect with you. Please subscribe here and feel free to hit reply and shoot me a note!

New content Mondays and Thursdays. I already published on a regular schedule before the relaunch, but you can continue to expect to see a new outfit post on Mondays and a travel or lifestyle post on Thursdays.


Whether this is your first time visiting or you’ve been following What The Fab since my mirror outfit selfie days (bless you), I’m so happy to have you here and I hope you’ll continue reading. I’d love to hear your feedback too, whether it’s thoughts on the new site or suggestions for different types of posts you’d like to see. You can shoot me an email at [email protected]. Thank you so much for joining me–I sincerely hope that What The Fab’s content adds a bright spot to your feed, and inspires you to go bigger and bolder every day.


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Bethann Wagner

Friday 13th of October 2017

You are so pretty and now WTFab is just as pretty as you! It looked great before, but now it's AMAZING!!! xoxoxox

[email protected]

Saturday 14th of October 2017

You're the sweetest, Bethann! Thank you so much! xo