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Unique Airbnb California List

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Sharing a unique Airbnb California list today and you’re going to love them!

If you’re thinking of a trip to California (my home state!), then I definitely recommend booking an Airbnb. Travel in California is made much easier by renting a car and having your own Airbnb to kick back in once you’re done exploring for the day.

With so many unique Airbnbs in California, you have a lot of instagrammable options like treehouses, farmhouses, even a lighthouse! Brb, I’m off to plan a CA road trip so I can stay in all of these…

Unique Airbnb California

That was my list of the most unique California Airbnbs! Aren’t they amazing? If you do book one of these Airbnbs in California, go ahead and tag me in a pic or an Insta story (I’m @wtfab) so I can see which awesome place you picked.

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Where should I travel in California?

– San Francisco Bay Area
– Los Angeles
– San Diego
– Yosemite National Park
– Lake Tahoe
– Joshua Tree

Is California expensive to visit?

California is generally an expensive place to travel to, but if you budget everything out you’ll be fine.

What is the weather like in California all year long?

California generally has Mediterranean weather with warmer weather all year long. California rarely gets cold.

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