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Union Street

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Happy Sunday! It’s been a little chilly in SF but bright and sunny, so I really can’t complain. Today I’m partnering with ONvocal to share these new headphones with you guys. You can connect them via bluetooth with your phone or Alexa (if you’re fancy like that) and use voice commands as you normally would with your device. I took these headphones for a spin this weekend while I was running errands on Union Street in the Marina. They were great for listening to music while I was running around and the chat function is really handy because with one tap the music is lowered, and ambient noise/your own voice are amplified. Which means you don’t have to take your headphones out to have a conversation with someone on the street or in a store you’re popping into. The sound quality is top-notch, and after some errands I grabbed a spot at a cafe where I was able to do some blogging, make some calls and really focus, thanks to the beamforming microphones that reduce background noise. If you’re curious about ONvocal you can check it out here!

Tank and Crop Pants c/o // Skechers Shoes


Big thanks to ONvocal for sponsoring this post!

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