Tuxedo night

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tuxedo pants outfit
Last week I was at Target to pick up a bookshelf (I ended up getting this one to store my shoes in, yay!), and I of course also got sucked into trying on clothes for an hour. I’ve been wanting a cute pair of tuxedo pants so I was pretty excited when I found this pair for under $30! Sometimes when I’m styling an outfit I’ll ask my boyfriend for his opinion on finishing touches—in this case, he was tasked with helping me decide on black pumps. He went with this pair and I loved his reasoning: He said the metallic toes looked like they were inspired by men’s tuxedo shoes.
These pants were just a touch too long on me—it felt like they were confused and couldn’t decide on whether they were regular pants or crop pants. And no one likes a pair of pants with an identity crisis. So, for a quick hem job, I grabbed a few bobby pins, rolled the pants up a quarter of an inch, and pinned them along the seams. Ten bucks says you couldn’t tell in the other photos. But here’s the close up of this trick that works well in a pinch.
Are you wearing tuxedo pants this fall? How are you styling them?
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  1. Those pants are so, so chic. I'd love to wear a pair with the pointiest of my pointy-toed flats and a structured blouse. It's what I imagine Wonder Woman would wear if she was a stylish city dweller!

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