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Top 12 Airbnb Cinque Terre Accommodations

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airbnb cinque terre

Cinque Terre is the perfect place to rent an Airbnb. A lot of locals have B&Bs that they rent out from their house and many of them are listed on Airbnb. All of the five towns of Cinque Terre are so lovely and you can choose one to be your home base while easily seeing all of the other towns as well (they’re all within a few minutes train ride of each other). I’ve rounded up all of the best Airbnbs in Cinque Terre for you below. 

Staying in an Airbnb in Cinque Terre is a great way to really absorb yourself in these gorgeous little towns and feel like you live in this beautiful slice of Italy. Now, just so you’re aware, the interior of most Airbnbs in Cinque Terre are nothing luxurious, and you’ll find that to be the case for most vacation rentals here. They can be a bit on the sparsely decorated side (hey, I’m sure it’s hard to get decor and furniture delivered when you live on a remote cliff above the sea). But none of that matters when you wake up to views like the ones Cinque Terre has to offer.

Here’s a little more info on each town so you can choose the best one for you:

Riomaggiore – Has a slightly more local vibe, a rocky beach, and great restaurants and bars.

Manarola – Iconic views of pastel houses built into the cliffs; the second smallest town after Corniglia. You’ll likely have to ascend a lot of stairs to get to your Airbnb, but the views will be worth it.

Vernazza – Beautiful town with a natural harbor, and a really popular place to stay. Lots of restaurant and bar options.

Corniglia – The smallest of the towns, and the highest (there’s a bus from the train station that takes you up to Corniglia if you don’t want to take the hundreds of stairs).

Monterosso – The flattest town, and the least quintessentially Cinque Terre. The most easily accessible and the least stairs. Lots of dining options.

For this Best Airbnb Cinque Terre Accommodations list, I searched out Airbnbs that were centrally located and had gorgeous views. Because truly, being able to relax on your own terrace and enjoy Cinque Terre’s stunning views is such a treat! I’ve also broken these Airbnbs up by location, starting from the southernmost town (Riomaggiore) to the northernmost (Monterosso). Do note that in all of the towns except for Monterosso there will be stairs. Sometimes A LOT of steep stairs. So if you have mobility issues or kids, you’ll want to read reviews and do your due diligence to make sure the Airbnb you’re booking will work for you. If you’re concerned about lugging your heavy suitcases up all the stairs, you can hire help to assist (or get yourself an Omied who’s a stud and carried BOTH our huge suitcases up many, many stairs). *All photos belong to their Airbnb owners.

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Best Airbnb Cinque Terre Accommodations

Best Airbnb Cinque Terre: Riomaggiore

1. Villino Caterina

This apartment in Riomaggiore is perfect for a romantic couple’s getaway. The large balcony terrace and garden overlooking the ocean will give you the ultimate relaxation spot.

This apartment is located on one of the main streets of Riomaggiore, and while it has a central location it’s not on the busiest street, so you have a little more peace and quiet.

Note that this Airbnb does not have air conditioning, so it might not be ideal for the hottest months.

Up to 2 guests // 1 bedroom // 1 bed // 1 bath. Prices from $125 per night. Check pricing and dates here.

2. Bright Apartment in Riomaggiore

This bright and open apartment has incredible sea views and a large terrace perfect for relaxing, enjoying breakfast, and having dinner on to watch the sunset.

This apartment has two bedrooms (rare for Cinque Terre) and has a lot of amenities, including air conditioning (in the main living area and master bedroom), a dishwasher, and a washing machine. It would be great for a couple, or for a family with kids as there is a second bedroom with bunkbeds.

From here you’ll be on the main street and are just a couple minutes walk away from Riomaggiore’s picturesque Marina and the beach, and a five minute walk from the train station.

Up to 5 guests // 2 bedroom // 4 bed // 1 bath. Prices from $155 per night. Check pricing and dates here.

3. Marina’s House

This pretty, minimalist apartment is in a historical building close to the small port of Riomaggiore. You’ll feel surrounded by the sea, and the little terrace overlooking the town and the port is the sweetest spot to unwind at the end of the day. This Airbnb would be great for a small group or family, since it has three beds and two bathrooms.

If you’re traveling to Cinque Terre by car, this Airbnb also offers a parking spot inside Riomaggiore Park at a discounted price of 15 Euros per day (cheaper than the other parking spots available in Riomaggiore Park).

Up to 5 guests // 2 bedroom // 3 bed // 2 bath. Prices from $189 per night. Check pricing and dates here.

Best Airbnb Cinque Terre: Manarola

4. House by the Sea in Manarola

Upon a quick look at the photos you’ll see that this apartment’s decor is…very eclectic. But the stunning views of Manarola’s harbor make up for the odd sea-inspired decor and overly hippie explanations (and name) of the space. Be ready to climb some stairs to get to this gorgeous view!

The location is fantastic and it’s hard to think of a better view in Cinque Terre.

Up to 3 guests // 1 bedroom // 2 bed // 1 bath. Prices from $110 per night. Check pricing and dates here.

5. Acla Apartment Overlooking the Sea

Well, this view doesn’t suck. This airbnb is perched on a rocky cliff above the sea, and the private terrace here has stunning views of Manarola, its restaurants, and the ocean. The property is located on the ground floor of a two-story chalet, and you’ll be centrally located in the beautiful village of Manarola. It’s quite small, but I honestly think the large terrace makes up for it.

Up to 2 guests // 1 bedroom // 1 bed // 1 bath. Prices from $134 per night. Check pricing and dates here.

6. Panoramic Room

Manarola is often called the most picturesque village of Cinque Terre, and the views from this private room’s terrace are pretty unbeatable. Be prepared to hike up a lot of stairs to get here. There’s no kitchen in this room, so it’s more B&B style with a double bed and private bathroom. If you have a car with you, they also offer a parking spot.

Up to 2 guests // 1 bedroom // 1 bed // 1 bath. Prices from $155 per night. Check pricing and dates here.

Best Airbnb Cinque Terre: Corniglia

7. Sea View Balcony with Breakfast

If you’re looking to stay in quaint little Corniglia, this private room is a wonderful option. You’ll be just off Corniglia’s main street, and I mean would you just look at that view from the terrace??

You’ll also enjoy a daily breakfast of freshly squeezed juice, croissants, and coffee included with your Airbnb, courtesy of the property owner’s cafe just a few minutes walk down the street at Bar Pan e Vin. This one is also B&B style, so it is small and cozy with no kitchen, but with a private room and bathroom. Since you’ll be able to bring your breakfast back to this terrace, you won’t miss having a kitchen. At under $100 a night, it’s pretty hard to beat.

Up to 2 guests // 1 bedroom // 1 bed // 1 bath. Prices from $94 per night. Check pricing and dates here.

8. Rossi Tramonti

If you’re looking for an entire apartment rather than a private room in Corniglia with a little more space, this Airbnb is perfect. It’d be great for a couple, or a family with two small kids. The layout is a studio, so while this property allows for four adults that might feel a bit cramped.

The interior is light and bright with a cute living room, and of course the large balcony is the perfect place to watch the sunset and see Monterosso in the distance while lounging on a deck chair.

Up to 4 guests // 1 bedroom (studio) // 3 bed // 1 bath. Prices from $111 per night. Check pricing and dates here.


Best Airbnb Cinque Terre: Vernazza

9. Charming Apartment in Vernazza

This apartment offers a very convenient location and breathtaking views, combined with one of the more modern interiors you’ll find in Cinque Terre. The terrace overlooks Vernazza’s main square and the sea. And it also has a jacuzzi bath with jets, which is perfect for soaking after a long hike, and pretty rare to find in tiny Italian bathrooms in Cinque Terre. It’s a bit of a splurge compared to other Airbnbs in Cinque Terre, but if you’re looking for a place in popular Vernazza that offers incredible views and a beautiful interior design, this is the spot for you.

Up to 2 guests // 1 bedroom // 1 bed // 1 bath. Prices from $277 per night. Check pricing and dates here.

10. Room with Seaview Terrace

This Airbnb would be perfect for a couple who wants to stay in popular Vernazza, at a place with beautiful views, but is looking for something at an affordable price point. The large terrace overlooks Vernazza and the sea and is clearly the big draw for this rental. As you’ll see in the photos, the room is quite small and is just big enough for the bed, but you’ll be spending most of your time on the terrace or exploring the five towns.

Up to 2 guests // 1 bedroom // 1 bed // 1 bath. Prices from $78 per night. Check pricing and dates here.


Best Airbnb Cinque Terre: Monterosso

11. Apartment Close to the Beach

This apartment is located in the heart of Monterosso and is recently renovated, with modern interiors and high ceilings. This Airbnb would be great for four people as it has a fully equipped kitchen, one bedroom, and a sofa bed.

You’ll be located just steps from Monterosso’s popular restaurants, shops, and of course the beach. The apartment is on the second floor, and faces one of the main streets of Ancient Monterosso, giving you a view into the quaint, ancient Cinque Terre lifestyle.

Up to 4 guests // 1 bedroom // 2 bed // 1 bath. Prices from $133 per night. Check pricing and dates here.

12. Amazing Seaview Terrace

Looking to stay in Monterosso but still want views of the sea? Monterosso is much flatter than the other four villages, so you’re not going to get the same striking cliffside views as some of the other towns. But this Airbnb is located on the third floor and has a lovely sea view terrace with views of the town and the ocean.

You’ll be situated in old town, with plenty of restaurants nearby and a short walk to the beach. There’s no AC at this place, so you might want to skip if you’re traveling in the dead of summer heat.

Up to 4 guests // 1 bedroom // 2 bed // 1 bath. Prices from $133 per night. Check pricing and dates here.

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Which is the best city to stay in Cinque Terre?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. Monterosso is the flattest and most easily accessible town, but it is also the most full of tourists for that reason. Corniglia is the most difficult to reach and the smallest town, but that also makes it feel more special once you’re there. My personal favorite is Manarola, as it has iconic views and is the second smallest town, but it still has great restaurants and bars.

How many days should we spend in Cinque Terre?

Spend at least three days in Cinque Terre so you can explore all of the villages, but even more if you want more time to relax.

What is there to do in Cinque Terre?

– Hiking
– Pesto making class
– Relax at the beach
– Sunset boat ride
– Wine tasting

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