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The Little Mermaid

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This post is sponsored by Savers. Thanks to Savers for helping me find the perfect Halloween costume this year!
Who else is stoked that Halloween is on a Saturday this year? I’m excited for some Halloween fun that will likely involve passing out treats to all the adorable little kids who stop by, and then enjoying some more adult fun in the city with friends.
When I have time, I love to make my own costume rather than buy one pre-packaged at the store. One year, I went all out and made my own Sailor Mars costume. It involved a lot of stitching, and while I loved that costume, I probably don’t realistically have time to make something like that this year. But that doesn’t mean I have to go the pre-packaged route! This year, I partnered with Savers to come up with a fun costume.
I came into the store with no particular agenda for my Halloween costume. I thought I’d let what I came across inspire me, and I’m so glad I did that! Savers had been really creative with their Halloween costume suggestions and set up. For example, sets of angel wings were hung next to a bunch of cute white dresses, or black dresses were grouped together next to cat ears and tails.
When I came across these mermaid fins, I knew I had found the beginning of my costume. Basically, when I was a little girl I dreamed of being a mermaid. And to this day, I still kind of wouldn’t mind being able to breathe underwater and rock a clamshell bra. #Lifegoals. So, with my mermaid fins in hand, I searched the rest of the store for a sparkly top. What I found was actually a dress, so I cut it in half to be the top part of my costume so the bottom wasn’t too bunched up under my mermaid fins.
I also happened to have a long, purple wig at home from my girlfriend’s bachelorette party last month (we “wigged” out one night and it was awesome), which was perfect because, clearly, mermaids can’t have boring hair. And my wedding shoes were perfect for even more sparkle!
If you’re still looking for your Halloween costume, I’d suggest swinging by Savers to see if inspiration strikes you too! And Savers is hosting a fun costume contest—just tag a photo on Instagram or Twitter with #ThriftOrTreatContest to be entered to win a grand prize valued at $1,000. You can get the whole scoop on the contest here.
Photos by Omied Arvin


Savers/Value Village is the ultimate Halloween destination for creating unique, fun, fashionable, or frightening costumes for the whole family and for every budget.

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Miel and Mint

Wednesday 14th of October 2015

Awww so so pretty, loving all the sparkles & mermaid look ? Super gorgeous on you girlie! Yay for such a great gift! Xox Nadia