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Sky full of stars

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Happy Sunday Funday! Today I’m so excited to be sharing a very special collaboration that’s different than anything I’ve ever created here on the blog! When HP shared this Behind the Scenes video of their Bend the Rules campaign, I loved all the cross collaboration that was happening between these amazing artists. It inspired me to complete a project that I had conceptualized at the beginning of this year, but hadn’t started working on.
Back in February, our friends Bobbak and Shauna got married in beautiful San Francisco. They didn’t hire a videographer, but they asked us to bring our GoPro along to shoot some footage, and the bride’s brother who’s pretty handy with a DSLR shot some scenes of key moments throughout the day as well. And that’s when I thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if we edited what we shot into a wedding video and surprised them with it??
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After the wedding, the bride’s brother shared hours of footage with me, and I pored over all of our videos to find special moments to recreate the story of their special day. During the editing process I checked in with Omied on ideas I had for songs, timing, etc. He’s great at providing creative guidance. 🙂
After some long plane rides back and forth to Toronto, and a couple more late nights, their video was finished!


This project was definitely “bending the rules” for me since I really don’t know much about editing videos and I’ve never made a wedding video, but I had so much fun working on it! Since Bobbak and Shauna live in Southern California, we did a video call with them so we could see their reactions when we sent them the video. Their look of mixed excitement and confusion when they saw the subject line of my email (“Your Wedding Video!”), and then their many, many happy tears was amazing. I feel super honored that I was able to create something so special for them that they’ll be able to watch years to come.
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Thank you to HP for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to create this video! Check out their Behind the Scenes video and see what you get inspired to create.

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