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Happy Humpday! Today I’m sharing some iPhone snaps from my Seattle trip last month. You may have already seen a few of these on Instagram, but most of these didn’t get posted, since I was pretty busy running around the city (for work, and some fun too!). Seattle reminds me of a smaller, wetter version of San Francisco, and now that I’ve visited a few times I’ve developed a few favorite spots and restaurants. Check them out below…

pike place

The first evening we arrived we walked over to Pike Place and had dinner at Steelhead Diner. Don’t let the modestly starred yelp reviews fool you; it’s one of my favorite seafood places. The clam chowder with truffle oil is to die for. We also had an amazing salmon dish that’s making my mouth water all over again just looking at the photos.

best restaurants in seattle
where to eat in seattle

seattle coffee

The next morning a latte was in order as we geared up for our first day at the LISA conference. For you non-eng folk (not to be stereotypical but I assume there are few, if any engineers reading my fashion blog), LISA is the Large Installation System Administration conference put on by

We had breakfast at another favorite of mine, Lola. If you go, get the doughnuts with seasonal jam and vanilla mascarpone (*drool*) and the eggs benedict.

best breakfast in seattle


[above] Loved the view of Seattle’s fall foliage from our hotel room. [below] Off to the Space Needle for dinner!

space needle

seattle space needle

With my coworker and partner in crime, Melanie! We had a romantic little dinner at the restaurant at the very top of the Space Needle (Sky City). When you dine there, you can also go up to the observation deck afterwards without purchasing tickets. The restaurant also rotates around so you end up getting 360 degree views without having to get up from your seat—although if you get motion sickness like I do, you may want to request a seat closest to the window (the turning is less noticeable). The food was good, if not a little over-priced, but you’re also paying for the extraordinary views.

space needle view

brunch in seattle

For our last breakfast, we hit up Biscuit Bitch. Yep, you read the name right. Although, the sign on the outside says Caffe Lieto—maybe in an attempt not to offend potential customers? Clearly, it takes a lot more than a sassy name to offend me (I mean, have you seen the name of my blog?), and I loved the cheeky names of their different dishes. Hot Mess Bitch, anyone? You might think with the bitchy names, it might reflect the demeanor of the people that work there, but they were absolutely delightful and they helped me settle on the Cheesy Pork N’ Bitch with an egg over easy. Another lesson learned here: One is definitely enough to share between two people.

seattle in the fall

seattle spots

We took a pit stop at the Seattle Google office to catch up on some emails, and then headed back to good old San Francisco, where it felt like summer compared to Seattle. Who knew the Pacific Northwest gets so cold? Not me.

things to do in seattle

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Wednesday 17th of December 2014

Aww love the photos!! So glad you like Seattle. :) AND I got to discover a new place of Biscuit Bitch. lol!

xo -