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Saltwater City

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I’m sharing MiO in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™.

Since I get to travel so much for work, occasionally I’ll tack on a vacation to the end of a work trip to do some sight seeing. Last month I was in Seattle for a work event, and afterwards I hopped on the train and went up to Vancouver for the weekend since I’d never been before. We shot these photos during a busy day in Vancouver, where Omied and I got up super early to head north to the Capilano Suspension bridge, and then came back to Vancouver for brunch, more sightseeing including the Museum of Anthropology and kayaking in English Bay, happy hour drinks, and finally dinner.

Before heading out on my travels, I knew I was going to have a jam-packed schedule running around setting up and executing our two-day event in Seattle, networking and chatting with attendees, and then meeting Omied up in Vancouver. So I made sure to pack my MiO Vitamins, which has a yummy kick of vitamins B3, B6 and B12. Vitamin B has always been my go-to way of giving myself a boost, especially when I’m under stress, and I love that with MiO Vitamins I can add some sweetness and B Vitamins to my water.

Even if I’m a little tired after work travel and events, I always want to make sure I’m feeling good and motivated to enjoy my travels and take advantage of new experiences. I recently shared a post about the process I use to create the perfect travel itinerary for my trips and how it helps me squeeze the most out of my travel opportunities. Combine that with my MiO, and all of a sudden my crazy travel schedule becomes an exciting adventure, rather than a stressful mess!

Cinq a Sept Dress // Kate Spade Bag

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