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One of my favorite things about blogging and being based in San Francisco is that I get to meet entrepreneurs who are passionate and innovative, and I get to share their ideas on WTFab! Last week I got to meet the founder of BikeLeap, a new commuter bike service that works directly with employers to make it easy for people to rent bicycles for their daily commute. They take care of the maintenance, and your fold-up bike is ready to grab and go. I could definitely see the convenience in riding this bike to my G-bus shuttle stop (especially since they just moved my stop a few blocks further than it already was from my apartment), folding it up, and hopping on the shuttle down to Mountain View with it in tow. Incorporating riding a bike into your commute when you can is just such a breath of fresh air (literally). I’ve noticed that when I’m at our headquarters and I bike around to another building, I can’t help but feel happy. I’m basically biking around in the beautiful weather singing, “Making my way downtown, walking biking fast, faces pass and I’m homebound.” It’s lovely, and I highly recommend it!

BB Dakota Jacket (c/o LeTote) // Paige Denim Jeans (c/o Zappos) // Zara Top // Tieks Flats // Ray-Ban Sunglasses

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