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Quince Clothing Review: Affordable Cashmere and Silk Company

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Quince clothing review, by fashion blogger What The Fab

If you’re searching for budget-friendly cashmere clothing, read my Quince clothing review for a lowdown on the viral brand and my honest opinions on its top pieces.

Quince has overtaken my social media with its understated yet elegant cashmere sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, and more—talk about a dream come true.

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The brand promises to deliver quality luxury pieces at low prices…if you’re like me, you’re thinking, “What’s the catch?”

I decided to try a few Quince pieces to give you my unfiltered thoughts on whether they live up to the social media hype.

This Quince clothing review will help you decide whether to shop the company for new cashmere staples.

To make shopping for these products easy, you can click directly on the images, the shopping buttons, and the text links. 

These are my affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you purchase using my links (at no additional cost to you!), and I greatly appreciate you shopping with my links!

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Quince Clothing Review: The Inside Scoop

About Quince

You’ve probably seen Quince’s affordable cashmere knitwear and silk on social media and wondered whether the company is legit.

When I hear “cashmere,” I think of expensive, delicate, and hard-to-clean clothes.

I own several cashmere pieces, which I love, but they’re pricey, and I don’t reach for them often since they’re dry-clean only.

Quince is here to change that by making cashmere more accessible while maintaining high production and manufacturing standards. I’m all ears!

Quince’s core values are quality, sustainability, and affordability, helping deliver luxurious clothing and home items at reasonable prices. 

The direct-to-consumer brand keeps costs low by avoiding traditional supply chain expenses without compromising production quality or worker compensation.

All Quince items are shipped to customers from the company’s global manufacturers, who are held to high ethical standards.

This eliminates the middleman, saving you money at the end of the day—I like the sound of that.

Shop for items featured in this Quince review by clicking the images below:

Plus, Quince is transparent about its product pricing and breaks down the cost of everything from materials to labor and shipping.

Other retailers mark their cashmere and silk prices up because they know they can get away with it, but Quince genuinely wants to help you save.

Quince offers many high-quality basics and statement pieces, from silk tanks and wrap dresses to 100% organic cotton pants.

While scrolling through Quince’s impressive website, I saw a ton of fashionable clothes and accessories. Shopping spree, anyone?

Let’s get to the good stuff: my honest thoughts on the brand’s hottest can’t-miss items.

Quince Clothing Review: Top Pieces

Honest Quince clothing review, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Quince

1. Mongolian Cashmere Fisherman Crewneck Sweater

A well-made, flattering sweater is a versatile staple in any wardrobe, and the Quince Mongolian Cashmere Fisherman Crewneck Sweater is the perfect choice.

This Fisherman Pullover Sweater is made from 100% Grade-A cashmere and feels soft and durable for daily wear.

Believe me: this sweater feels like slipping into a literal cloud. Working from home never looked (or felt) so good!

The rib-knit detailing on this Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater adds texture and dimension, while the classic crew neckline is timelessly fashionable.

Available in many gorgeous colors, the Quince Cashmere Crew Sweater is a must-have garment in any closet that can be effortlessly styled up or down.

It’s also lightweight and breathable yet warm—perfect if you’re in California, like me, or somewhere similar with hot days and chilly nights.

Honest Quince clothing review, by fashion blogger What The Fab

2. Washable Stretch Silk Maternity Slip Dress

I fell in love with this Quince Washable Stretch Silk Maternity Slip Dress that the brand kindly sent me!

I styled the Quince Washable Silk Slip Dress for a recent girls’ night out in Arlington and felt cute and confident with the simple, figure-hugging shape.

It was a bit chilly, so I wore a long coat, but you could wear the Silk Dress any time of year because it’s versatile and easy to style.

Since this Slip Dress is made from a mulberry silk and spandex blend, it offers the perfect stretch to accommodate growing baby bumps.

The 100% Washable Silk Skirt is a similar pick that I also love. I’ll probably buy one after my pregnancy once I’m ready to wear non-maternity clothes.

I also wore the regular (non-maternity) silk slip dress on a cruise last year and loved it—it’s so comfortable and chic!

It did need a body chain or chain belt accessory. Otherwise, it looked a bit like a sexy nightie.

Styling a body chain with this slip dress gave it a new, sultry look, and I stayed comfy the whole night.

Honest Quince clothing review, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Quince

3. Baby Alpaca Wool Cropped Cardigan

This Baby Alpaca Wool Cropped Cardigan is a gorgeous Quince item for just $60.

Pair it with anything from a casual linen tee to a chic silk blouse—it’s the perfect addition to a minimalist capsule wardrobe.

Each Quince Wool Cardigan is knitted with an environmentally friendly baby alpaca, merino wool blend, and nylon.

As a result, the Cropped Knit Cardigan feels soft and cozy but holds its boxy yet feminine structure and is resistant to pilling.

Treat yourself to this Baby Alpaca Cardigan, and you won’t be disappointed. It’s also a fabulous gift to wow someone special!

Image via Quince

4. Italian Leather Quilted Crossbody Bag

Did you know Quince also makes fabulous handbags? I’m obsessed with the Italian Leather Quilted Crossbody Bag.

Finding the perfect daily crossbody is a struggle because I want one large enough to fit essentials but compact enough for travel.

While the Quince Italian Leather Bags look and feel high-end, they’re an incredible steal for under $150.

This Italian Crossbody is designed for everyday luxury, from the gold hardware and adjustable, removable shoulder strap to the interior pockets and zippers for securing personal items.

Quince’s crossbody is everything I’ve dreamt of—I take it everywhere, from brunch with the gals to date nights on the town with my hubby.

Every sleek Quilted Bag is handcrafted from genuine top-grain leather in Italy, and it’s obvious Quince cares about the little details as much as the overall design.

Honest Quince clothing review, by fashion blogger What The Fab

5. Tencel Jersey Maternity Ruched Dress

Quince launched a maternity line just as I was in my second trimester—talk about perfect timing! I was excited to try and review some of their maternity pieces.

I had to feature the Tencel Jersey Maternity Ruched Dress in this Quince clothing review because it’s now one of my go-to pregnancy picks.

The ruched design of this Maternity Dress is ultra-flattering around the waist and hips, highlighting my curves in the best way possible. 

It’s hard to believe how comfortable yet stylish this Jersey Dress is considering the under $45 price tag, and it was a must for my recent Santa Barbara babymoon.

I wore the dress for a day of exploring restaurants, museums, and stores, and it was the perfect maternity-chic outfit.

This Ruched Maternity Dress transitions from day to night by swapping a pair of sneakers for boots and adding a layered necklace and a leather jacket.

If you’re not pregnant, check out the adorable $40 Tencel Jersey Tank Maxi Dress, a longer tank version that’s just as cute and comfy. 

Honest Quince clothing review, by fashion blogger What The Fab
Image via Quince

6. Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater

Finally, you must check out Quince’s Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater.

While this chunky Oversized Sweater is a splurge at $140, the price tag is reasonable considering the high-quality Mongolian cashmere material. 

I’ve never felt a cardigan as fuzzy and cozy as this one, and the design is so classic that it will never go out of style.

The Boyfriend Cardigan has a slightly slouchy, oversized fit that pairs well with jeans and a t-shirt or a dress with sandals. 

You’ll always reach for Quince’s Cashmere Sweater—the plush yet long-lasting fabric guarantees years of wear. 

Quince clothing review, by fashion blogger What The Fab

7. Washable Stretch Silk Tiered Maxi Dress

Last but not least, Quince’s silk tiered maxi dress is one of my favs! I wore this beauty on a trip to Europe last year and loved it. It’s just so flattering and feminine.

The silhouette is beautiful and the dress is just really flowy, stretchy and comfortable. It’s made with Quince’s bestselling premium mulberry silk, and it’s of course washable. Praise be!

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Quince Clothing Review: Pros and Cons


Price: Quince specializes in budget-friendly pieces, so many of its clothes and accessories are significantly discounted from what you’d pay at other retailers for cashmere and silk items.

Washable silk and cashmere fabrics: This is a huge game-changer! Delicate fabrics like silk and cashmere are often dry-clean only, which is costly and another item on the to-do list. I love that you can care for Quince silk and cashmere at home. Hand-wash your Quince cashmere pieces with cold water and mild soap and lay them out to air dry. Quince recommends steaming or washing its silk with hot water and air-drying—it doesn’t get easier than that.

Quality: I’ve been impressed with the craftsmanship of the Quince apparel I’ve tried, and I’ve read positive reviews about the quality of other clothing items.

Customer service: Quince offers extensive customer support with perks like free standard shipping and a generous return policy. Everyone I’ve chatted with from the company has been lovely and helpful.

Ethically sourced: With so many fast-fashion companies using questionable methods to manufacture clothes, it’s refreshing that Quince keeps ethics at the forefront. Quince only works with factories that meet international safety and fair pay standards. The brand also sources its cashmere from ethical goat farmers in Mongolia. The soft, warm fabric is harvested in the spring when the goats begin to shed their undercoats naturally so it doesn’t disrupt their quality of life. See, shopping can be good for the planet!


Size range: Some Quince pieces are only offered in sizes XS through XL, which could be better. They have an extended sizes collection of up to 3X, but this is only for specific pieces.

Maternity styles: While I found some maternity pieces I loved, a couple didn’t fit the bill. This romper wasn’t super flattering, and I felt a bit frumpy.

I was excited about getting a pair of their cashmere maternity joggers, but they weren’t very comfortable for my third-trimester bump. My stomach is really sensitive to having any bands or pressure on it. At this point in my pregnancy, I need my maternity pants to have a large, soft, and stretchy fabric band to go over the bump rather than an elastic band putting pressure on it.

Is Quince Worth the Hype?

I’m impressed with Quince as a company and its selection of stylish pieces that look and feel luxury quality for a fraction of the price.

While a couple of the brand’s maternity pieces were a personal miss, there were several pieces I loved. I’ve been impressed by the overall quality and want to try even more from Quince.

Whether you’re shopping for workwear outfits, fine jewelry, home decor, travel bags, or baby items (I’m def eyeing those next!), Quince truly has it all. 

The company is trying to make the best cashmere and silk pieces for less, and I think it’s succeeded.

It’s hard to find high-quality, ethically made clothes that don’t cost a fortune, so Quince is an excellent option for elevated basics.

Thanks for checking out this Quince clothing review—hopefully, it inspires you to treat yourself. You deserve it!

Shop for my favorite Quince clothing pieces by clicking below:

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Is Quince legit?

Quince is a legitimate company selling high-quality, affordable clothing and accessories, lifestyle items, and home goods.

Are Quince products genuine cashmere?

Quince’s cashmere crewnecks, cardigans, and hoodies are made with Grade-A Mongolian cashmere.

Is Quince’s clothing worth it?

Quince tops, skirts, leggings, and other clothing items are worth the price for their craftsmanship, luxurious feel, and timeless style.

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