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Pack Your Bags

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I just looked at my calendar and realized I’m going to be traveling every single weekend in May and June. Vegas (bachelorette!), LA (wedding!), Canada (work! Ok, that one’s not quite as glamorous), LA (again!). The list just keeps growing and my calendar is looking a bit aggressive, but at least it’s a good mix of fun, family time, work, and relaxation. I’m excited to spend some time poolside and am starting to think about how I can efficiently pack, since some of these trips are back-to-back with no time to come home in between. And while I’m all about efficiency and squeezing everything into my carry on so I don’t have to check bags, the most fun part to think about is what’s going in my beach bag…like these gorgeous lace up sandals that are just begging to come out and play.
How will you be ringing in summer?

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Bernadette Czle

Tuesday 14th of April 2015

love your selections! xx