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New York Fashion Week AW16

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When I first started WTFab, a friend asked me what one of my big goals was for it. I told her I’d always wanted to go to New York Fashion Week. Back then, it seemed like such a lofty, potentially unattainable goal, considering WTFab’s readership consisted of me, a few friends, and my mom. Fast forward a few years, and when I was posting pictures from NYFW a couple weeks ago, that same friend sent me a Facebook message saying, “Omg, remember when you said it was a dream of yours to go to NYFW?!” To be honest, I had somewhat forgotten. Not that I forgot that I’d always wanted to go. But I’d forgotten how far-fetched and beyond me it felt at the time when I first suggested it out loud. Isn’t it wonderful to have dear friends who support you and remind you to take a step back and appreciate how far you’ve come?

Today I’m sharing a few snaps from my favorite shows that I attended! This trip really was one to check off my bucket list. It was so fun to get to experience fashion week and to be able to go backstage with some of my favorite beauty brands.

Backstage at Desigual

Mathieu Mirano presentation. Please note the giant live tortoises.
Jay Godfrey presentation

Backstage with Aveda
Lie Sang Bong Show
Son Jung Wan Show

Saunder presentation
Blow outs with Mode
Saved the best for last…Lela Rose was my absolute favorite!


A video posted by WTFab?by Elise (@wtfab) on

I’ve probably replayed this slow-mo video on my phone at least 50 times. I just can’t get over this dress!!!


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