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Nasty Woman

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Nasty Woman shirt
I think we can all agree that we’re thankful the debates are over and that this election will be over very soon too. I think we can also all agree that we’re thankful for SNL (and Alec Baldwin). I don’t think I can stomach another disgusting comment from the Trump clan (Apparently I should go teach kindergarten, since I’d rather not be sexually harassed in my workplace. And listening to Trump try to diminish sexual assault allegations by saying one woman wouldn’t be his “first choice” is seriously barf-worthy.). So I’m celebrating the end of this election and the nomination of our first female president with a Nasty Woman shirt! *insert crying/laughing emoji here, which I feel like is rather apt for this election* I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favorite Nasty Woman merch in today’s post, and I’ll be rocking this one on election day. And no matter what you’re wearing I hope you’ll join me in exercising your right to vote in a couple weeks!

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