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May, Instagrammed

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Well May certainly ended on a low note. In support of #amplifymelanatedvoices, I will be going silent on my IG feed until June 7th. I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves and each other. ❤️

Daily Stoic readings have been really on-point.


Target has soo many cute high-waisted swimsuits for summer. Find them all here.

Italy pics from last summer, plus an Italian Cooking Night.

Portuguese Cooking Night! My Photoshop skills are so good some people thought I was traveling.

Cooked up a bunch of French food for our Parisian night and it was pretty awesome.

Another week, another press-on mani. Get all the deets on my favorite press-ons here.

The gorgeous Mission Loft, where we shot before SIP happened.

Some much-needed outdoor yoga and stretching.

Wine country is probably the first place I’ll head to once SIP is lifted.

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