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London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2017

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Earlier in February I had the opportunity to attend London Fashion Week, and it was such a fun experience! Last year was my first time going to shows at New York Fashion Week, which was super exciting for me. But being in a foreign country and a fashion capital like London and being able to attend shows was pretty next level exciting! It was also interesting to see how things are run differently—the British definitely know how to be organized. And, whereas with NYFW my favorites were the shows, with LFW I absolutely loved some of the presentations I attended because there was so much effort put into the details and setting the scene, and the models were really interactive. You could come up to them and ask them to pose or move a certain way so that you could get the exact shot you wanted. While it was really hard to narrow down images and this post is going to be very long, here are a few of my favorite shots from LFW!

Haizen Wang‘s presentation played with the idea of movement and direction, inspired by the theme of immigration, especially in relation to the current immigrant crisis. Models traveled through, adjusted, and picked up boxes marked “fragile” and “handle with care,” while wearing outfits that were both utilitarian and feminine.

The Roberta Einer presentation was one of my absolute favorites! The scene transported you to an impossibly fabulous weekend in the Côte d’Azur, where you were surrounded by models flipping through books, shuffling playing cards, and tossing bright pink tennis balls. I loved the mix of jewel tones and pastels, and some of these gowns were just absolutely insane.


Edeline Lee was another one of my favorite presentations. When you first entered OXO Tower (a sort of hipster-chic, trendily worn down warehouse), there was an incredibly talented pianist playing on a grand piano as you moved through the line. Mixed in with the beautiful piano were audio clips of what sounded like news that floated down from the above tower. At first I thought this was an AV hiccup, but as you wander up to the tower you realize that it’s part of the experience. Once in the presentation room, it became clear that the audio was a representation of the constant media buzz and information overload we receive every day on our social feeds, TV, and radio. The models rotated around the room in a circle, which I loved because it was easy to stay in one place and watch as the beautiful pieces came by. I streamed the entire presentation on Instagram Live and it was so fun to hear your guys’ comments and thoughts on each look. It made me feel like I was enjoying the presentation with a bunch of friends rather than by myself! 🙂 The pieces were all very structured and tailored, with striking hemlines or fun ruffles. We (as in myself and everyone on the IG livestream) agreed that the model in the yellow dress, above, was our favorite because she was so cheeky and playful and really made the clothing pop.



Malone Souliers held a presentation for their very feminine footwear brand. Their sparkly shoes and structured boots had me all heart eyes emoji.


Aveda invited me to come backstage with them at the Cimone show, which was super exciting and crazy. Makeup artists, stylists, and hair stylists were shouting at each other (in the nicest way possible, of course), models were coming in just ten minutes before the show with crazy makeup on their faces from the previous show they just walked in, and models were trying to stuff their feet into shoes that were too small. It was total chaos, but so much fun to be in the middle of it all. One of the frantic makeup artists started asking me to hand her things as she was doing one of the models makeup, so I basically just pretended to be her assistant and handed her things because I didn’t know what else to do and she clearly needed some help, haha! The models did their rehearsal walk through mid-hair and makeup, and then finishing touches were applied and they put on their first looks. The show was stunning and the pieces played with exaggerated proportions, combining masculine and feminine cuts.



The Kristian Aadnevik show had so many gorgeous gowns. So stunning and very wearable. The show was held at The Royal Horseguards hotel which was beautiful.


Sharon Wauchob‘s show was held in the most stunning venue, at St. Cyprian’s Clarence Gate. Her pieces had lots of folds, pleats, and beautiful detailing.


The Paul Costelloe show had gorgeous, dresses, some flowy and some structured, with stunning sleeves or shimmery details. I also found his coats to be really beautiful.


Alexandra Moura‘s show at Banking Hall drew inspiration from Portuguese history and heritage.

And lastly, here are a few of the looks that I wore during London Fashion Week (full outfit posts here and here). It was such a whirlwind and so much fun to get to experience Fashion Week in such a posh city like London!

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