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Five Ways to Add More Storage to Your Kitchen

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We live in a one bedroom apartment in SF and our kitchen situation is very small—like, it feels crowded if there are two people in the kitchen, small. Since we have such limited space in our kitchen, I’ve found a few items over the years from Wayfair to help optimize the space we do have, and add more storage to our kitchen. Since I know a lot of you guys are apartment-dwellers, I thought I’d share my top five ways to add storage to a small kitchen. It mostly involves adding a bar cart, and then buying a few pieces that will help you utilize wall (and even ceiling!) space to add more storage!

Bar Cart – We bought this bar cart from Wayfair earlier this year and I LOVE it. We can store so much stuff in it, and it has doors on it so we can keep everything hidden, which looks so much cleaner.

Kitchen Canisters – I love these marble canisters, and they’re chic enough to have out on your kitchen counter, or on top of your bar cart. We store flour, coffee, sugar, and rice in ours. These ones come in a four piece set.

Wall Spice Rack – We used to have our spices in a drawer, but that was taking up valuable drawer space! Wall spice racks are an easy way to store spices without taking up a cabinet shelf or kitchen drawer, and it’s nice to have them at your fingertips when you’re cooking. Omied is adorable and even organized the spices in alphabetical order.

Wine Rack – We usually have quite a few bottles of wine on-hand at home, and while I’d love to have a proper small wine fridge, we just don’t have space for that right now. A wine rack like this one is perfect for holding a few bottles of wine and your wine glasses. Hanging our wine glasses here helped free up an entire cabinet shelf that we used to have full of glasses.

Hanging Pot Rack – Even though we have a small kitchen, we like to cook and we have a lot of different pots and pans—cast iron, non-stick, even some of these HexClad pans. These can take up a TON of space in cabinets, but a hanging pot rack can really help free up space. Plus, you’re not having to dig around in your cabinet and deal with stacking and unstacking pans.

As you’re doing your spring cleaning, you might want to also add small apartment kitchen spring decor to brighten up your space. 

Thanks so much to Wayfair for sponsoring this post! 

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