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9 Tastiest Honolulu Chinese Restaurants

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Tastiest Honolulu Chinese restaurants, by travel blogger What The Fab

There’s no shortage of Chinese restaurants throughout America, and Hawaii is no different, so I’m highlighting the top nine Honolulu Chinese restaurants if that’s what you’re craving in Oahu.  

Whenever I feel like ordering takeout, Chinese is my go-to because all the different sauces, flavors, and textures make for the perfect meal.

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Like any big city, Honolulu is a melting pot of different cultures and influences, ranging from Japanese and Portuguese to Polynesian and more. 

Today is all about Chinese cuisine because sometimes all you need is a good cup of hot and sour soup and some lo mein!

Here are the top Honolulu Chinese restaurants to fill your belly after a long hike, a surfing session, or a day relaxing on the beach (because it’s a vacation, and you deserve it).

Top 9 Honolulu Chinese Restaurants

Tastiest Honolulu Chinese restaurants, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via @demoncurryeats

1. Moon Garden Restaurant

I love restaurants with an eye for detail because eating out is about the experience, not just the food, and Moon Garden Restaurant knows how to deliver.

Leaving the Hawaiian aesthetic behind, Moon Garden welcomes you into a traditional Chinese restaurant setting with charming decor and furnishings. 

You have to try the restaurant’s signature Honey BBQ Pork Ribs—this dish is so popular that you’ll need to call ahead at least a day before since it requires hours of preparation. 

If you’re craving something lighter, Moon Garden also offers a selection of seafood, chicken, and vegetable-based dishes.

Make a reservation in advance because this place can get packed, especially on weekends (it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who craves Chinese food on vacation).

Tastiest Honolulu Chinese restaurants, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via @staceysawa

2. Duk Kee Chinese Restaurant

Duk Kee Chinese Restaurant is a no-frills spot serving delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine.

One of the best things about Duk Kee is the whole menu is reasonably priced, so you won’t have to worry about them price-gouging you as a tourist. 

The menu at this Honolulu Chinese restaurant is full of familiar favorites, like Orange Chicken, Honey Walnut Shrimp, and Pork Hash.

When the craving for Chinese food strikes, Duk Kee is the perfect place to bring all your rice and noodle dreams to life.

Tastiest Honolulu Chinese restaurants, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via @kevin_young_808

3. Lam’s Kitchen

If you’re ballin’ on a budget but don’t want to compromise on flavor, Lam’s Kitchen is the spot for you.

During lunchtime, Lam’s tends to get pretty busy, and you might have to wait for a table, but if locals are willing to wait, you know it’s good!

The main stars of the menu at Lam’s are soups, rice dishes, and a variety of “look fun” offerings, which consist of thick, steamed rice noodles in a sauce served with your choice of protein.

Beef Flank and Tendon Look Fun is one of the top dishes at Lam’s Kitchen and a great way to try Look Fun for the first time.

Lam’s is family owned and operated, and all its dishes are bursting with fresh flavor, making it a can’t-miss restaurant.

Tastiest Honolulu Chinese restaurants, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via Legend Seafood Restaurant

4. Legend Seafood Restaurant

One of the most authentic Chinese restaurants Honolulu has to offer is Legend Seafood Restaurant, which specializes in Cantonese-style cuisine.

The menu here is no joke—there are so many options it’s hard to settle on just one dish.

Legend Seafood offers everything from a nine-course banquet for big parties or families to savory entree favorites and monthly dim sum specials.

Not only are the seafood and meat dishes downright incredible, but the restaurant also boasts some tasty and unique vegetarian options. 

The fan favorite at Legend Seafood is their deep-fried taro puffs which sound heavenly.

Tastiest Honolulu Chinese restaurants, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via House of Wong Restaurant

5. House of Wong Restaurant

What’s better than a delicious dinner of classic Chinese cuisine? Dinner with a view!

House of Wong Restaurant is the perfect option for a sunset dinner since it offers incredible views of Diamond Head, one of Hawaii’s most famous landmarks.

Enjoy the views while sipping hot tea and chowing down on delicious dishes like Peking Duck and Fried Rice with BBQ Pork.

The atmosphere at House of Wong is cozy and welcoming, making it an excellent restaurant for date night.

Tastiest Honolulu Chinese restaurants, by travel blogger What The Fab
Image via @eatwithmehi

6. On Dong Chinese Restaurant

On Dong is the place to beat when it comes to the best Honolulu Chinese restaurants, thanks to its extensive selection of Korean and Northern Chinese cuisine.

If, like me, you were disappointed to see that Little Village Noodle House closed, On Dong is an excellent alternative with similar offerings.

On Dong’s signature black bean noodles are served with a tasty accompaniment of kimchi, pickled daikon, and crispy onions that will have you coming back for more.

No matter what you’re craving, On Dong will surely have a dish that’ll hit the spot, from dumplings and potstickers to fried pork and even jellyfish!

Image via @diningout_hawaii

7. Maple Garden Restaurant

Switching it up for this next Honolulu Chinese restaurant, we have Maple Garden, a lowkey spot specializing in Szechuan cuisine for over 30 years.

Maple Garden might not look like much outside, but the food here is fantastic.

From an expansive vegetarian menu to delightful dishes like Singing Rice and Almond Bean Curd, a whole world of flavor is waiting to be discovered at Maple Garden.

Don’t worry—Maple Garden also offers classic Chinese favorites like chow mein and fried rice.

Image via Golden Duck Restaurant

8. Golden Duck Restaurant

Some of the best Chinese cuisines in Honolulu can be found at Golden Duck Restaurant.

This restaurant seeks to provide quality and delicious Cantonese dishes that taste amazing every time, and I think they’ve succeeded.

Every day, you can choose from a unique special, like Roast Duck and Ginger Chicken or Beef Curry.

Golden Duck serves an incredible variety of noodles, rice, and protein-based dishes that will blow you away with their vibrant flavors.

Image via Chong Qing Cuisine

9. Chong Qing Cuisine

Rounding out this list of the best Honolulu Chinese restaurants is Chong Qing Cuisine (also known as Wu Wei), a favorite among locals and tourists.

This laidback restaurant serves classic Szechuan dishes like dry noodles and twice-cooked pork. 

The Mapo Tofu is a favorite here and so tasty that both vegetarians and meat-eaters sing its praises.

Chong Qing is one of Honolulu’s most authentic and consistently delicious Chinese restaurants, making it a must-visit on every trip.

Don’t forget to save this list of the best Honolulu Chinese restaurants before your next trip!

Tag me on Insta (@wtfab) if you visit any of these spots so I can see what you order.

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Is there good Chinese food in Honolulu?

Yes, Honolulu is home to several delicious Chinese restaurants.

Where can I find the best Szechuan cuisine in Honolulu?

I recommend Maple Garden and Chong Qing Cuisine.

Where can I find the best Cantonese cuisine in Honolulu?

Golden Duck Restaurant and Legend Seafood Restaurant are two delicious spots for Cantonese-style dishes.

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