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Free to Move

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Last week I had the super fun opportunity to join lululemon for a sweaty workout party at Barry’s Bootcamp to celebrate the launch of their very special, new Enlite Bra. Ladies, this sports bra is the dream. Most “supportive” sports bras are really just mashing your girls down like duct tape. Not cute, and more importantly that really doesn’t feel good. The Enlite Bra is seriously light as a feather while being supportive, so that you can #BeFreeToMove. I was really impressed with this sports bra and the fact that lululemon’s technicians did so much research and testing that it took them two years to make this bra! It absolutely shows because there is nothing like it and I can’t believe how well it moves with your body.

Barry’s Bootcamp is a high-intensity strength and cardio class, and it was so fun to sweat it out with a bunch of my lady friends. We got to try out the Enlite Bra before it launched to the public and the energy was so upbeat and positive. I also wanted to try out the Enlite Bra during another high-impact workout that has become a favorite of mine—boxing! As you can imagine, putting your whole body weight and strength behind punching a bag as hard as you can certainly make your girls jiggle, but after taking the Enlite Bra for a spin during my boxing class I’m happy to say I felt supported and free to move!

I also looooved the Fast & Free Tights because they are seriously the softest workout pants I’ve ever felt. After the event at Barry’s I ordered another Swiftly Tech T-Back in another color because it’s so comfortable and flattering (I love the high neck!), and I also added the Swiftly Tech Racerback to my cart because I saw my friend Caity wearing it and it was so cute on her! So excited to have some new lululemon gear to work out in this spring…my right-hook has never looked better! 😉

lululemon Enlite Bra // Swiftly Tech T-Back // Fast & Free Tights

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