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Framebridge Gallery Wall Reveal

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Framebridge gallery wall, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Sooo excited to share some photos of our Framebridge gallery wall today! I’m so pumped about how it turned out!

I knew that somewhere in our house I wanted to have a gallery wall featuring Omied’s gorgeous photography from some of our travels. Some people are naturals at creating gallery walls themselves by sourcing their own art, photos, and frames, but I personally find that really overwhelming and hard to make look good/cohesive. Framebridge is amazing because they do all the hard work for you and you can just enjoy the fun part of picking out the photos you want in your gallery wall.

Framebridge gallery wall, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

We picked the wall by our stair’s mid-way landing area because it has a lot of height and would make for the perfect statement wall with Framebridge’s tallest gallery wall, The Floor to Ceiling Grid.

Omied had the great idea of painting this wall a different color than the rest of the house (Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa) to make the frames really pop. We went Sherwin-Williams Tempe Star and you can read all about our house’s paint colors and my best painting tips for beginners in this blog post.

Framebridge gallery wall, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

The Framebridge ordering process is very intuitive and it was a breeze to order online. Honestly, the hardest part was narrowing down which of Omied’s photos we wanted to use! They have several different frame colors to choose from, and we went with black. I then went through and uploaded high-res photos and was able to move them around in a digital mock-up to design what our gallery wall would look like.

This was super helpful because I could see a wholistic view of our gallery wall, and how the colors of the different photos were going to work together (or not work well together) and make final decisions on which images to have printed based on that. And if you’re having trouble deciding, Framebridge offers a gallery wall consultation with a specialist (the price of the consultation is a credit towards the final cost of your gallery wall).

And that was it for the ordering process! When our gallery wall arrived, I was very impressed with the packaging. The frames arrived in several different boxes, and it’s clear that they’ve taken great care in figuring out how to ship and package the product so that your frames arrive in perfect condition.

I was also really impressed with the image quality! The colors and tones are rich and perfect—Omied’s photos look incredible!

Framebridge gallery wall, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

Next up was the hanging process. I was definitely a bit nervous for this because especially with a gallery wall, if things aren’t hung perfectly it’s really easy to notice. But Framebridge has created a really amazing solution for this with their life-size hanging guide! It’s basically a template that you place on the wall right where you want your gallery wall to go. You then use this template to see where your nails go and you can just hammer them directly into the life-size hanging guide. Then you just tear the paper hanging guide down and you’re ready to hang your pieces!

The gallery wall frames all come with nails btw, and they have sawtooth hangers in the top corners, which also helps make it easy to get that perfectly level orientation, even if you have a nail that is just slightly off

Framebridge gallery wall, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

The Floor to Ceiling Grid is 12 Frames and ends up being 58″ x 105″ display size. It’s over 8 feet tall so you’ll definitely need at least 9 feet of height for this gallery wall to look good with this arrangement.

This would have fit on our wall, but with the window on this wall it was just looking a little bit cramped, so we altered our gallery wall a bit to be four columns, with three frames each, rather than three columns with four frames each as the template has. It took a little splicing and dicing of our life-size hanging template, but we made it work and that adjustment made the gallery wall perfect for us and our space.

We LOVE how our Framebridge gallery wall turned out!! We receive so many compliments on it whenever we have guests over, and it makes me so happy to see Omied’s gorgeous travel photos (plus one wedding photo I snuck in there, haha) every day.

Framebridge also offers a 100% happiness guarantee—if you’re not 100% happy with your framing, they’ll work with you to create a custom frame that you do 100% love. I can’t recommend them enough!

Huge thank you to Framebridge for gifting me our gallery wall. We love it!!

Framebridge gallery wall, by lifestyle blogger What The Fab

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Saturday 21st of November 2020

This turned out AMAZING Elise!!!!!! I love a beautiful travel gallery wall! I've been trying to figure out how to do this in our living room, but I'm so intimidated by choosing photos! There are so many and it feels impossible to get it right. I think I just need to bite the bullet and go with it though. Love the floor to ceiling idea (our ceilings are high in the living room) to cover the wall space and not have it feel like prints are "lost' in it.

[email protected]

Tuesday 24th of November 2020

Ahh thank you so much!! We love how it turned out! I know what you mean, it took me HOURS to narrow down which of our travel photos we wanted to use in the gallery wall. It was helpful to see it in Framebridge's digital mock-up (although it's really slow lol) so we could make our final decisions. A floor to ceiling gallery wall would look amazing if you have high ceilings in the living room!!