Faux maxi skirt

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striped dress

I wore this outfit for a Sunday BBQ at the park with friends. The maxi skirt is actually this maxi dress. I learned this amazing trick—transitioning a dress into a skirt by tucking a shirt into a thick belt—from a recent post by Sydne Summer. It’s an easy way to play with pieces and makes your closet options feel even bigger. What’s not to love about that? It ended up being a June Gloom day in SF, so I was freezing my tail off at our BBQ. But we still managed to have fun and enjoy the good company.
striped black and white dress
shoes with maxi dress
striped dress as skirt
striped maxi dress
striped maxi skirt


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    Hi doll, thanks for reaching out. 🙂 Love your style- this outfit is quintessential summer chic.

    Keep in touch!


  2. You look wonderful! love the green popped toe nails..Thanks for stopping by in the other day! Its new outfit post on mine, plz welcome to take a look again:)



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    love the maxi skirt! fits with everything xx

  4. Everytime I ask my friend what to wear to club she says : short cocktail dresses ! they are so cute and sexy that I never regreted wearing it everytime I go clubbing.

  5. The dress is really gorgeous. Just gorgeous! I was kind of nervous to order my dress through internet, but I am glad I did it. This dress is so perfectly beautiful!
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